Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bedroom designs recently somewhat unique than the old design. This design isinfluenced by customer demand, especially dsain children's beds. The colors usedare also dominated by bright colors with interesting pictures. Many also use cartoon characters are often seen recording. In addition the price also quite cheap, only togrope our funding of about $ 500 to a package of bed complete with pillows, bolstersand bed linen.

 For the girls bed design is dominated by pink and funny pictures. Besides looksattractive is also in accordance with the characteristics of women who are spoiled andsassy. Paint the walls pink also to harmonize with the colors of pillows and bolsters.They will feel at home playing with my friends dikamar women. For this design are rewarded with $ 455. This design is suitable for new women ages 10 and above. Its very nice for your daughter.

    Does your child like Cinderella folktale characters? horse-drawn carriage design looks more unique when compared with the design of beds in general. The bed is designed for children aged 5 years and over, and the wood used to make these beds using wood options that hold up to 10 years. Your child will imagine as if he was the princess cinderella looking for a missing glass slipper. The bed is round but has enough room for children aged 5 years and older.

    If your child is male then there is no harm in choosing a race car-shaped bed. In addition to the sporty look of this bed is also very convenient to use. Can be mounted large-sized mattress and a sporty car that makes your child feel at home in bed long. This is perfect for your boy who was 5 years old or older.

    Or maybe your child's twin? We also provide a choice of twin beds for children, both male and female. simple design but to show the impression of youth is very appropriate for your child aged 10 years and older. soerang teens will do things Bru and stems from a dream while he slept in his bed comfortable. And a sense of brotherhood they will be more closely.

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