Friday, May 20, 2011

Choosing Paint Color Minimalist Houses

If the previous post talking about the color of house paint that is in tune, this time I will give you tips on choosing colors for a minimalist home.
Choosing Paint Color Minimalist Houses is very important because in addition to providing the beauty of the place of residence, will also provide the building blend with the color of the walls or furniture. Choosing a paint color minimalist house actually bother easy, because in addition to building form, rummah residents also have a stake in determining what color will be used as paint.

      Little information only, that is shiny and bright colors will add spirit to homeowners, while the pastel colors will make the whole house quiet and relaxed. Sometimes the colors appear darker when painted in the house, but on the contrary jg same color visible light outside the home.

     Below may be used as guidelines for those of you who are confused in Choosing Paint Colors Home Minimalist :
1. Colors in the room as much as possible paint with bright colors (young)

2. To paint outdoors wear colors that are not too obvious (as much as possible the color of that old)

3. Pair with-perbotan furniture in the room, so it looks harmonious and nice views.

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