Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Most Expensive Houses

1. Antilla ($ 1,000,000,000) This is the world's most expensive house, a house owned by Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire businessman and prominent Indian origin who is also the person who entered the list of 10 richest people in the world. This house consists of 27 floors with a very large room, even garage can only accommodate about 150 cars. 

2. William Randolph Hearst's Mansion ($ 165,000,000) This luxury house owned by William Randolph Hearst, has 3 swimming pools, 29 bedrooms and the hall is very spacious. In it there is also a discotheque and a mini cinema. 

3. Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa ($ 161 million) The house is located in the Kensington area of ​​London terraced house is 5 and has 10 bedrooms, indoor pool, panic room, cinema room and sauna. 

4. The Penthouses at One Hyde Park ($ 160,000,000) This house is still currently under construction, but once the facility is in the house is fairly plush, arguably even more like a hotel. there are news saying that if the building is finished completely, it will be able to beat the price of William Randolph Hearst's Mansion.

5. Aaron Spelling's Manor ($ 150,000,000) This house stands on land that stretches for 56,000 square feet of land and was built in 1991. Having 123 rooms, tennis courts, skating rink, bowling alley and several pools.

6. Hala Ranch ($ 135,000,000) Owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, has 27 bathrooms and 15 bedrooms along with an indoor pool, private ski roads, sewage treatment plants, tennis courts, this building was built on land that stretches for 14,397 square feet

7. Fleur de Lys ($ 125,000,000) This house was built by Suzanne and David Saperstein. The house has 15 bedrooms and the exterior is covered with French chalk while the interior is splashed with 24-karat gold. The house also has a furniture items such as curtains pattern of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon's favorite chair. 

8. Maison de l'Amitie ($ 125,000,000) Owned by Donald Trump, the house was built on land that stretches along 80,000 square feet, in it there is a conservatory, ballroom, 15 bedrooms, 8 half-baths, a tennis house and luxury pavilions. 

9. Updown Court ($ 116,000,000) The house is located in the UK, has 103 rooms, bowling room, a large cinema, more than 3 swimming pools and squash courts. It is said that this house is larger than Buckingham Palace 

10. Dracula's Castle ($ 80,000,000) Previously, this building is a fortress, The owner of Archduke Dominic. This house has 57 rooms, 17 bedrooms and lots of beautiful antique furniture which certainly has a high historical value.

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