Thursday, June 9, 2011

Educate children to be independent

One of the tasks of parents is to educate children to become independent. Independent attitude needs to be implanted in children as early as possible. When an independent child, the child will be confident wherever located. Simple ways such as: 

1. Ask your own bedroom tidy       Every morning, ask the child at least 10 minutes to tidy up her own bedroom. Blankets folded so that is good, as well as pillows and bolsters. Books and stationery on the table neatly arranged. Ask open windows for air circulation smoothly.
2. Prepare yourself before going to school      Every night before bed, make sure the child provides the completeness of their own school. For example, clothes are ironed, books and school equipment is inserted into the bag. This is so the child does not scrambling in the morning.
3. Teach put things in place     Teach children put things in place. Therefore provide goods shelf in the corner of a bedroom, living room and kitchen so that children had no trouble putting her belongings. That way, children easily take back the goods if necessary.
4. Preparing food at the dinner table    When you prepare food over the kitchen table, ask your child help. Make sure that the goods in the hands of children who are not easily broken. After the meal, ask the child to bring dishes to the sink while washing themselves.
5. Ask put dirty clothes in place    Ask the child to enter dirty clothes in place. Remember, if carelessly put his clothes dirty, his clothes not be washed. Provide a place of dirty clothes, and make sure the child insert dirty clothes every day.

6. Teach yourself to take meal    The children in the future growth and development like to eat. Therefore, prepare food, including snack foods. Teach children to take their own food.

7. Clean up together in the holidays   On Sunday teach children to clean the whole house with the other family members. Choose the job to be done the child according to age. Activities that could be two or three hours after breakfast. After completion encourage child walk for recreation.

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