Friday, June 17, 2011

World's Most Expensive Wardrobe

Rp.20 M
Geoff is a wood craftsman and cabinet maker who experts. He is studying in London and Paris, and has taught traditional box-making and wood carving to hundreds of students from all walks of life in Toowoomba's reply is known as the annual school for the arts. New-job size is, Australiana Cabinet.
Have you ever thought to buy a wardrobe that cost the equivalent of one apartment block? Or maybe you do not believe that there is a cabinet that cost that expensive?
But you will believe that there is a cabinet that expensive when it visited Regional Art Gallery in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Weighing 2 tons of cabinets are made of mahogany wood combined with the other 31 species, 17 types of gemstones are enhanced with rare corals and precious metals. To make this cabinet takes 6.5 years. These cabinets are made of fine wood and veneers 34, 17 types of stone, four types of shellfish, and 23-carat gold.
The cabinet has 18 doors and 140 drawers. The main use is Brazilian mahogany, with solid black columns and 23-carat gold plating. Other materials include tortoise, abalone and mother-pearl shells, jasper, agate, tiger eye, malachite, lapis lazuli and rubies.
This cabinet has 18 doors. Each door showing pictures of birds typical of Australia with beautiful colors. Inside there are 140 fruit drawers and several storage boxes secrets that are made available for storing important items and secrets.
The cabinet maker, Geoff Hannah was about to sell the cabinet at a price that exceeds the price of one apartment block. Because to create a wardrobe that takes patience and tenacity to pay attention to every detail. These cabinets will be sold for 1.35 million UAD, or about 1.8 million USD.
Indeed, price is very fantastic. But according to the visitors, the price is indeed inappropriate for the cabinet, which is the work of all five of Geoff Hannah.

Rp.20 M 
Rp.20 M

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