Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interior Design Trends 2012

"If you look at trends and market in 2012, according to my personal opinion, these products will be growing Asian design and much in demand. Just look at China, the greater their market and design already has its own market," said Leonard theosubrata, when found in the opening goddess Exhibition Design Award, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, January 15, 2010.
 You want to change the atmosphere of the house by replacing the furniture? Do not discard old furniture, especially if the design is distinctive ethnic asia. Because, according to Leonard Theosubrata, a product designer and owner Accupuncto, product design trends in 2010 will further lead to the design lines asia.
Think again if you want to throw long because furnitar classic ethnic designs and want to replace it with a more modern. Not forever ethnic furniture will look ancient. In fact, the design with a prominent ethnic lines is now being imitated by erancnag western products.

"Product design was according to my west is starting to look a lot and inspired to adopt from the east. It was seen in terms of aesthetic," added Leo.

To get around the old furniture to create the impression of a more modern, you can combine them with other items that have a more modern design. Add it with pillows modern striped sarong is also one effective way.

Try to be more creative with ethnic furniture, so you can get an impression of modern and ancient remove the impression. The atmosphere of the house can be more fresh and unique look.

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