Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reforming the Modern Minimalist Interior Tiny Houses

Despite limited land house you can get around the small space can be arranged for a modern style

Limitations of space becomes the main obstacle so we decided to have a small house. Sometimes, the various functions together in one room for the whole family needs to put together in one room for the whole family needs can be accommodated.
However, we still have to watch the function space for residents to feel comfortable. Although only a home with limited land you should be able to get around tight spaces to meet the desired needs of the family.
In terms of choosing interior knacks, if you want to add a warm impression is not always just use
coloration color, but can also use natural materials (wood) or lighting.
Do you have old furniture and throw it away dear? You can still display a warm atmosphere with this furniture. As long as they add some attributes that seem ancient or ethnic, like some ancient plate decoration, white lace on a bed, night stand or the old model.
regulation interior is carefully to be responsible for structuring constraints tiny house. Maintaining a practical and functional elements of a key base in modern minimalist house dressing. Surely you want a beautiful dream house in appearance, right?
This book will be your guide in laying out the interior of the house. Starting from the notion of interior design for modern minimalist house, various alternative design spaces, and interior tip practically all there is in this book.
Reforming the Modern Minimalist Interior Tiny Houses
This book will become a mainstay in arranging your home interior because: * There is a detailed discussion about the modern minimalist interior style, * Equipped with furniture and accessories voters to beautify the space, and * Several design options of the room (living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom).

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