Friday, June 17, 2011

Rev Up Your Room: Chic High-End Looks for Under $500

When it comes to a well furnished room, it's all about the mix. Too much of any one style, no matter how well chosen, can tip the balance toward the space feeling too "safe". Offsetting the basics with even one unexpected piece wakes up the overall design — adding a fantastic, chic chair in a style that is just a touch off of your norm and a click toward luxe is an easy way to accomplish this eclectic objective...and you can do it for under $500:
Here are ten seating choices that, while varied in style and materials, all have an air of high-end chic, while clocking in at the under $500 mark. Maybe it's not in the budget to buy a pair or completely surround your dining room table or with them all in one go, but as a single signature piece in a living room or a special side chair in the bedroom, they are perfect.
Shown above, top row, left to right:
1. Soren Chair for $449 at Room & Board
2. Era Round Armchair for $250 at Design Within Reach
3. Contact Stool for $129 at CB2
4. Madeleine Side Chair for $109 at Restoration Hardware
5. Tobias Chair for $99 at IKEA
Bottom row, left to right:
6. Vintage French Leather Armchair for $379 at Restoration Hardware
7. Xanadu Bench for $349 at Ethan Allen
8. Upholstered Dhurrie Slab for $299 at West Elm
9. Tolix Marais A56 Armchair for $275 at Design Within Reach
10. Eames DCM Molded Plywood Chair for $499 at Design Within Reach
Of course, unusual, well designed vintage chairs are also a great way to go when you need to mix things up a bit, so if buying new isn't your style, head out to your favorite thrift source or start checking our daily scavenger roundups to add a dose of eclectic chic to your own home.

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