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This is 7 grandest subway stations in the world!

Dirty and nasty impression often attached to the train station. But not so with the underground stations in some parts of the world. Do not even think only room in your house that can be transformed into a comfortable palace to relax, train stations can be comfortable place at a time artistic. In some countries, the subway station not just the terminal stops and departure of passengers, but also become part of an enjoyable means of travel.  The decor was even very unique, like being in an underground palace when set foot there. You also would like to linger there. Here are 7 underground stations of the world's most beautiful, as quoted from page All Women Talk:

1. Formosa Boulevard

This is a city located in the station Sin sing District, Kaohsiung,Taiwan. There are two different sections of this station is pretty amazing.  First, the exterior roof structure that resembles a form ofpraying hands. Second, the Dome of Light, or entrance station. This is a project of building the world's largest glass and created by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. The work of art made ​​from 4,500 panes of glass with a diameter of 30 meters.

Train Station Formosa Boulevard 
2. Stockholm Tunnelbana  
The perfect combination of modern technology and natural,Tunnelbana Sctockholm is one subway station of the most beautifulin the world today. When you go into these facilities, you will feel like being in a giant cave.
Subway station looks beautiful, unique and spectacular natural caves juxtaposed with elevators and trains. Not only the design of underground rock that makes it look natural, unique patterns are painted on the rock wall also makes it look beautiful.

Stasiun Tunnelbana 
 Tunnelbana Sctockholm Station 
3. Mayakovskaya 

Is part of the Moscow metro station. When set foot in there, like visiting an underground palace. Not only that, building underground station is also as evidence of arelic before World War II which was built by Stalinist architecture and stunning interior art deco The salient features of this building is the marble walls, the dome is amazing, and fantastic mosaics. The station was opened in 1938 but still operates to this day.

Stasiun Mayakovskaya  
4. Munich U-Bahn
 If the two previous subway structure gives you a glimpse of the old world, Munich U- Bahn station will provide a different experience. If you are a fan of modern art, then these stations may be a station that you admire. Featuring a minimalist building but decorated with paint paint, lights and wall panels amazing. Each station has its own uniqueness even  be created as  part of the artistic nuances of building decoration.

Stasiun Munich U-Bahn  
Munich U- Bahn station
5. Arts et Métiers
This station is part of the Paris Metro. Stepping into the hall of this beautiful station seemed to take you into the world of Jules Verne with the world of steam punk. Belgian comic artist François Schuiten designer. Not just amazed by its design, but this station also connects you with the museum and craft center at foot out.

Stasiun Paris
 Arts et Métiers
6.  Olaias Station
This station is part of the subway system in Lisbon, Portugal.Looking at the structure of the building, you will instantly know that you are in the midst of works of art of living. This station is the head designer, artist Tomas Taveira. Talented painter and sculptor also helped create a subway station artistic and really unique. Features of the beautiful station makes a lot of visitors feel fall in love, it's no wonder many of those whoperpetuate the beautiful decoration of buildings as souvenirs of travel. Ceiling color and contrast, and lighting fitting, making the hallmark of this station.

Stasiun Olaias 
 Olaias station
7.  Metro Dubai Station
Dubai is a city that offers an impressive architectural wonders. This is not a surprise because some subway stations in the city was part of a work of art.                                                            Like most beautifully structured building in Dubai,Dubai Metro is built under the direction of  their leader Sheikh addressed. Twenty-seven stations open today, but still there are.

Stasiun Dubai
Metro Dubai Station

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