Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Tips Design Swimming Fish on Land Narrow in the House


One of our clients want to have a fish pond, with a rush of flowing water. Staring at the fish in the pond had a different sensation from the stingray in the tank. But what if the land is narrow mensiasatinya? Moreover, when hope there is a floating candle, to give the impression of romantic in a certain time. Meal when entertaining guests, or just to entertain family members at night.

In the perspective drawing is visible on the left side of the floating candles, candle alias that can be placed on the glass. The wall on the back side of the pond and the right side of using natural stone, and on the front using the coral. In the middle of the back of a small monument also made a kind of natural stone black. The water that flows bergemericik natural stone. On the front in place of ornamental plants or flowers to give the impression of beautiful or natural. The composition of color around the pool accessories add to the uniqueness of the fish pond.
These small fish ponds can also be applied to an office or restaurant with a limited area.
Hmm, interesting is not it? Of course the two pictures above should be complemented with working drawings so that implementers can do. Working drawings present the dimensions of each piece so that the fish pond will really come up with a balanced composition.

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