Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11 Tips To Sleep Could More Convenient

Many things that make people difficult to sleep. Could be due to the mind or discomfort room or bedroom. Some advice from Homenature can help you, especially to get a comfortable sleeping position: 

1. Sleeping position is not good, such as circular, often causing back pain. Start sleeping with the supine position, pillow under the knees to flex the back of the pelvis. 

2. The cold air made us sleep on his circular. Lower the temperature conditioned room or use a thicker blanket. Do not sleep with the windows open because it can lead to dirty air inside. 

3. Position sleeping on your stomach makes us unable to breathe properly and cause chronic insomnia. 

4. Mascara can make eye irritation. If left too long will cause inflammation or infection. Do not spray perfume before going to bed because it can trigger asthma or allergies. 

5. The smell of paint and varnish furniture can affect the eyes, skin, and respiratory. Open the window for three weeks after painting. If you can, sleep in another room for a while. 

6. Do not get too much sleep because it can make your head spin. 

7. Fresh flowers in the room can cause allergies. Fragrant flowers that can make eyes and runny nose. 

8. Although our pets flea-free, saliva and hair they carry the dust that can trigger asthma and allergic diseases.

9 When you sleep with the lights on, your sleep will not sleep. You should turn off the lights gradually (choose bulbs with a light that can fade slowly), so that changes in light in the room is not too distracting lelapnya sleep.
10. Insecticides and air freshener containing chemicals may cause skin, nose, throat, and lungs. 

11. We recommend that you clean your room in the morning. Do not enter the room at least two hours after spraying.

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