Thursday, July 7, 2011

38 Tips Home Improvement vs. Build New Home

When the client contacted me to consult renovate the house, there are two things that used to always be submitted as follows: First, "We ONLY want to shift the wall / wall, several feet backwards or sideways", and Second, "We want to improve the house into two floors" . How to (cost), much?
Here's my response, for the first issue. Ok, many lay people think of buildings, little change or a little renovation with little cost. Clients are often surprised when they find out that the costs are often beyond their estimates.
Enlarge the room 1 m or 3 m almost does not change the cost of labor. You see, the complications that may arise because of renovation can equal between large and small renovations. For example, changes to the roof, extending the utilities (electricity and water), match it with finishing early.
Let me give a simple example. Say, you are renovating a house by adding one room 3mx3m. Total addition of 9m2. From various sources you know that the cost of building decent homes standard is $ 2.5 million per m2. So, you calculate, the cost of renovation is $ 22.5 million (9xRp 2.5 million). The count is not entirely correct.
Why? The addition of the room may have implications for changes in the structure of the old roof. If not, some old roof should be demolished to make connection roof. Making the connection can increase the risk
leakage roof when it rains. Therefore, there is a part of the old roof that needs to be done well.

In addition to the roof, so there may be a part of the old wall that joined uncovered and should be repaired again because of the addition of a wall. This means, there are additional costs dismantle and rebuild the old wall. That is, the average value per m2 of building renovations can be higher than the average value per m2 of building an entirely new one.
Therefore, my advice: if you want to renovate the house and want to avoid unnecessary costs, maximize its land area in accordance with the renovation, budgets and reasons for renovation. Small renovation does not mean a small fee.
Now about the renovations to make the rise buildings. At first glance makes sense, better enhance the building of the expanded building. Foundation of the house already exists, is not it? In many cases, the foundation of one-story house is not prepared for the foundation of the house 2 floors. That means, the existing foundation must be strengthened. Its lay terms, stick foundation. Or even making a new foundation.
Adding floor of the house means you also have to set aside 6m2 or more for the stairs. Well, this often means you have to sacrifice a bedroom on the first floor and move it to the 2nd floor. That is, making two rooms on the 2nd floor, probably means you only get one extra bedroom. Another thing, depending on your environment, increase the height may harm your neighbor's house, either landscape or perhaps sunlight. You may think you are more fortunate because of it. But, at other times, you may experience a greater loss.
In summary, if the renovation is only possible by making it into two floors, so just do it. However, expanding the building to the side or back, is generally easier, cheaper and avoids the need for additional space for the stairs.

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