Thursday, July 7, 2011

45 Tips Collection of House 1 Floor Plan Images

You're probably design his own home. Having to adjust to the fund, you choose a medium-size house between 100 to 150 m2. And you are now looking for examples of house plans to suit your needs. Usually it takes 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 km baths, family room, kitchen, dining room and garage. One-story house.

Maybe some of the floor plan below can help.

One floor house has several advantages. The cost is certainly cheaper than building two floors, because the cost of construction of the structure of the house a little more. In addition, the mobility of family members who are in one floor, will create intimacy. For parents, the house first floor is the right choice, to avoid the difficulty up and down stairs.

This plan I took from And hence the size of the plan using size feet (foot). Just to help, I convey the information at length, and its range in the size of the meter. While the size of the space is still using the original size of the feet. If you want to convert it to a meter in size, you simply multiply by a factor of 0.3084. For example, 30 feets, = 30 × 0.30.84 = 9.14 m.

Here are some plans that I chose for you.

 House Plan Area 113,7 m2 (11x10m)
House Plan Area 130 m2 (15,2×8,5m)
House Plan Area 140,5 m2 (16,5×8,5m)
House Plan Area 140,5 m2 (16,5×8,5m)
House Plan Area +140,5 m2 (16,5×8,5m)
House Plan Area +154,8 m2 (15,1×10,2m)
House Plan Area +159,3 m2 (14,9×10,7m)
House Plan Area +161,1 m2 (15,5×10,4m)

Do not forget, above plan created by the architect for the family in America. In many cases, these plans do not meet the needs of households in Indonesia in general. Family in Indonesia, usually require additional maid's room. Besides the kitchen dirty, as they often cook. And washing drying, especially if you do not use the washing machine once the dryer.

Therefore, plan on a fairly used as a reference only. The rest, adjust the layout of the space suit your family habits. In addition, when making the facade or the look of your home can certainly make their own choices, whether minimalist, ethnic or Mediterranean. Importantly, however, adjust to the tropical climate.

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