Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 Tips for Efficient and Cheap Home Improvement

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Here are some tips if you want to process the old house facade into a new look:

1. Specify the processing methods facade that you want (first or second method).

2. Before you choose the final material (in accordance with the desired character of the house) for the facade, recognize the character of its material and survey the price first in several places as a comparison.

3. Pick the final materials are cheap and easy to maintain.

4. If you want berekplorasi with color, choose the colors (paint) is soft, and the use of primary colors as eye catching.

5. Facade materials can be varied, such as natural stone, cement, plaster in the paint, or wood. Elements of greening can be a facade finishing elements, such as vines on the wall.

6. If using a facade of natural stone, preferably in a liquid-coating finishes that are not moldy, while the wooden facade, use of durable, such as resin or ironwood.

7. Almost all types of buildings can be constructed to shelter fasadenya better reflect the lifestyle owners. And suggested using the services of architects to create a facade for its material quality is more awake.

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