Saturday, July 2, 2011

Amazing 10 Building Projects in the World

10. Hotel Attraction Designed in 1908 for New York City

Hotel Attraction wants to be the tallest building in New York at the time. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, tinggilnya is 360 meters, and it seems very unlikely at that time. Few facts are known about this project until the year 1956, a book titled "The New World Called Gaudi" was published. It is unclear why the project was terminated.

9. The Illinois Designed in 1956 for Chicago Illinois

The Illinois was going to be a 1609-meter-high skyscraper is envisioned by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright believes that this building might be made, at that time. Its design consists of 528 levels, with an area of ​​18.46 square feet of gross area.

The problem that arises is the space needed to establish the lack of skyscrapers, and a limited lift (elevator) required. That is what ultimately derail the project.

8. Fourth Grace / The Cloud Designed in 2002 for Liverpool England

although many people assume that the Fourth Grace is the worst proposal, architect Will Alsop's award-winning design for the project which he named "The Cloud" is. The project was terminated due to a booming funds to build a costly spiral design.

Fourth Grace designed for offices, 107 hotel rooms and 50,000 sq. ft. of amenities including bars, restaurants, and galleries.

7. Beacon of Progress Designed around 1891 for Chicago Illinois

The plan is a 457-meter-high stone tower in Jackson Park, Chicago. This award-winning design proposed by MIT Professor Désiré Despradelle, a Frenchman. With more funding, this building could be the tallest man-made structure in the world at that time.
6. Ville Contemporaine Designed in 1922 for Paris France

The Ville Contemporaine was going to be a place to stay for 3 million inhabitants. Ville was put forward by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. The middle of this building is a cluster of skyscrapers planned for 60 levels are built with steel and metal encased by glass walls. Used for offices and apartments.

It is unclear why the project was terminated ...

5. Tatlin’s Tower Designed around 1917 for St. Petersburg Russia

Tatlin's Tower if so constructed, would create a mini Eiffel Tower impressed. The plan, the building is made ​​of iron, glass, and steel. This tower was going to be a symbol of modernity. The main form is the twin helix tower that rises in spirals until height 400m, where orang2 can be transported upward through that route.

4. Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid Designed in 2004 for Tokyo Japan

The Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid is a giant man-made pyramid in Tokyo Bay, Japan. The structure was 12 times higher than the Pyramids of Giza, and able to accommodate 750,000 people. That would be the result of building the greatest man in history. This pyramid was actually built with 55 smaller pyramids stacked and each other. Masing2 small pyramid is proportional to the magnitude of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

The reason this project can not be built is because the design depends on the mega pyramid will be materially advanced lightweight but very strong, which at that time still exist.

3. Volkshalle (The Great Dome) Designed around 1930 for Berlin Germany

The Volkshalle (People's Hall) is a monumental building planned by Adolf Hitler and his architect Albert Speer. He was going to be the most impressive and important buildings in Berlin, Hitler as a sign of greatness. Fortunately, this building did not become established because of the war.

2. Palace of Soviets Designed in 1933 for Moscow Soviet Union

If the Palace of Soviets to be built, it will be the tallest structure in the world. Construction spearheaded by Boris Iofan's actually been started in 1937 and was dismissed because the German invasion. In 1942, his iron materials used to make bridges.

1. Ultima Tower Designed in 1991 for San Francisco California

This design seems quite unlikely (tough course project illustration above), but otherwise, very cool if it could be made. Architect Eugene Tsui got the idea of this building from the results of his study in San Francisco. This structure will use the energy of atmospheric energy conversion results by converting the energy generated from the difference in air pressure above and below this building into electrical energy. This building has 500 floors (2 miles high) and is expected to be home to about 1 million inhabitants.

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