Monday, July 25, 2011

Apartment minimalist interior design

Apartments are usually considered to be subject to challenge for interior design because of lack of space and the difficulty to be able to change the architectural design of the apartment.

Here's the interior design is minimalist in Norway apartments from Gudmundur Jonsson. The photo above shows the dining room and kitchen.

This apartment has enough space for the area doubles as a dining table preparation. Include keeping the kitchen cabinets without a little messy look, which is quite important in a small apartment.

The photo above shows the view from both kitchen and dining room area. You will see that there is not much room to work with a pretty clever use of space. Interior design recently Norway has made a mark in the interior design industry, and one of its strong points is how it takes something simple and make it seem new and quite modern. Choice of furniture in the photo above goes quite well with the color palette of white, black and silver design for an apartment.
The photo above shows a corner or a living room with a simple swivel chair and a painting that may be the only decoration on interior decorating with the color of the apartment. Selection of paintings is also quite good and convey simplicity, in accordance with the overall theme of the apartment.

The photo above shows a bedroom using a transparent sliding doors. The combination of light and translucent walls in the apartments provide a modern atmosphere. Gaming white light gives a different texture and dimension.

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