Wednesday, July 6, 2011

apartment on a cruise ship

Apartments in the center of town, or at the seaside with a beautiful panoramic view may be too ordinary. Now, there are more unique: the apartment above the yacht.

'The World', that's the name of the ship that has 165 apartments and 12 deck. Launched since 2002, the ship is intended for those who want to live in apartments floating.
Of the apartments are just made ​​for those who have a lot of money. Because to be a floating apartment residents, would cost 1.5 million to 2.4 million pounds, or about 20.9 to 33.46 billion.

The cost of any maintenance expensive. Occupants must set aside 1.8 million per square foot per month.

Of that number does not matter to those who are rich, and wants to enjoy his old age. They can travel the world without the hassle of packing. The residents are free to choose where they want to sail, as long as it was approved 200 votes citizen residents of the apartment the ship.

The ship also had a pretty good logistics. For food, the residents do not have to bother cooking. Kitchen for cooking is provided. They live call chefs cook dishes to order. But also check the bill. For dishes like that, you have to pay 348 million per year.

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