Sunday, July 3, 2011

Barack Obama in the Chicago house Dark and Lonely
NOT as usual, while in the train station, not many people who want to go to work this morning. Apparently many people who took time off as part of the American people enliven historic day.
Today, January 20, 2009, was the inauguration day Barack Obama became the 44th U.S. president. For those who have to work, like me, there are many activities in their respective offices while the clock showing 11 o'clock in the morning when Barack Obama was sworn in as leader of this country. Differences between the hours of Washington DC to Chicago is one hour. I heard from friends who work in other places where all employees of their offices together to watch the event in the cafeteria. There also are going to watch together at a restaurant near their offices.

In my office alone, there are no official events. Leader's office did not want to seem to be favorites against the Democrats than the other political parties, so there is no event sponsored by the workplace. But the free event to watch live television through the computer each day with a note permitted no work pending. Live broadcasts are available on the internet is not a small amount of his website, and has a quality not inferior to regular television broadcasts.
As I watched the inaugural event, I thought a lot about the speech of Barack Obama. In his speech implied how proud Barack Obama and his love of country America is. Everything is possible in America. Having a father from Kenya and Native American mother. Raised by a family of mediocre. Grandchildren close to her grandparents a different skin color. Migrate to other parts of the world at a young age. Eyewitnesses cynical treatment of blacks. Person who is always asking about cheating insurance companies against her mother in need of medical expenses which in the end of time pouting for his life. Graduates of elite schools that have a desire to change the way politics work in a way to serve the poor and backward. Armed with all the experience and the predicate it all, he now becomes the highest office in the U.S. state governments.
Cinderella story come true!
Before the late night, I took time to pass Barack Obama's home in Hyde Park, Chicago. Inaugural gala evening which took place across America, including Chicago, are not reflected there. Personal residence of the Obama family home which still maintained, it appears dark and deserted. There was no sign of the ongoing party. When the world's attention drawn to Washington DC., Where the official swearing-in ceremony and a grand feast takes place in Chicago through the day with a dose of hustle and bustle of a much calmer than when the victory of Barack Obama over John McCain in the election on November 4 last year.
At that time, the state of the city of Chicago really like the new hit by an electric stun! The thunder of joy because one member of the "family" was chosen to replace George W. Bush as President can be felt through the streets. Even for days. However, can not be denied if the excitement of the Chicago community today still bubble just in the measure that is more calm.
They all, including myself, very happy because today the United States entered a new era.

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