Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chic Carriage House

Thank you for all the anniversary comments and emails as well as new apartment well wishes.  I know everyone is anxious to see photos but my new place is definitely not ready for its close up.  Even though the owner had the apartment painted in my choice of colors, the kitchen needed a little revision.  I also can't wait until my new shower curtain in delivered from Restoration Hardware so the unfortunate shower doors with flower decoration can be removed.  And considering that my temporary shade just fell down, I think I need to place an order for window treatments asap.  We've still got mounds of books in boxes still waiting to be unpacked.  I can't wait until everything is in its place and I can relax and enjoy my new apartment. 

I came across these photos of interior designer Bruce Budd's carriage house in an old issue of World of Interiors that I was cleaning out before my move.  I love how everything is perfectly placed and has room to breathe.  Bruce Budd happens to be the decorator for the Mellon family who put him up in their carriage house which has since been sold.  In the photos, you can see where carriages used to be stored on the first floor, now a space for cars, and the walkway the horses were led up to the stalls.  Rich families on the Upper East Side didn't want their stinky stables right next to their mansions so many were built on East 70th Street. Now this one is owned by a rich finance guy.  There is a joke in there somewhere.  More importantly, I wonder where Bruce Budd lives now and when we'll see it. 

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