Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Mosque of Djenné, Mosque Unique Made Of Mud

Great Mosque in Djenne, Mali is not only buildings made of mud bricks with the basic ingredients of the largest in the world, but also an architectural model ecofriendly and sustainable, according Infomrasi that this building was built in the year 1200 to 1300, and suffered severe damage. then the mosque was rebuilt by the French colonial government in 1906, the style of the building is still adopting African style in the region. In fact, the mosque is considered by many to be one of the best examples of architectural styles, other examples include the Great Mosque of Agadez in Niger and Larabanga mosque in Ghana.
Great Mosque in Djenne, Mali The Damaged What is the actual stone bricks from mud? also called adobe (no relation to company Adobe), is a building material is completely natural. where the building material made from sand, clay, water and organic adhesive materials such as straw, sticks or even manure, the resulting structures known to be very durable and kokoh.Dinding Great Mosque are made of mud bricks dried in the sun (called Férey) Mud coated with mud plaster smooth neat. Walls of the building is decorated with a bundle of palm (Borassus aethiopum) or call Toron with a size of about 60 cm (2 feet) from the surface, Toron also serves as a "ready made" for annual repairs.
Ceramics were installed to keep rain water can pass through the building and lean out, where the ceramic is installed in the top of the building. The mosque was built on a foundation measuring approximately 75 mx 75 m and an altitude of 3 meters above the ground level there are 6 sets of stairs, each decorated in its peak. Great Mosque in Djenne, Mali Year 2010 (She was approximately 700-800 Year, So It's been proven to Overcome Disorders Like Rain and Water) Every year, Djenné mosque received treatment or improvement in order to welcome a variety of folk festivals as a celebration of extraordinary entertainment, and fun for people Djenne. Great Mosque of Djenne is one of the "World Heritage Site" which is defined by UNESCO in 1988 ", which can be visited any time, but not allowed to enter the building, unless you are Muslims. The Great Mosque is closed to non-Muslims in 1996, as a result of rioting and firing one of the official French Vogue magazine photography in the mosque.

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