Monday, July 25, 2011

House Boat Plans - Build a Great House Boat and Save Money and Time

Designing your own house boat plans can be very difficult. You still need to know more about house boats. Afterward, you still need to think about houseboat financing and the kind of boat you want to build.
Another factor to consider would be the time you can spend in building your houseboat. The length of time you can spend would also depend on the type of boat you plan to build. The different types include the barge, floating home, luxury, full hull and the trailerable.

Barge is the most common houseboat style because of its large storage space. It can accommodate five up to eight people. For floating home, it is designed for people who don't have plans to travel using the boat. They are simple and inexpensive. This is the best choice for people with a low budget.
The full hull is a popular houseboat type in the US. It is adored for its impressive size as well as stability. A luxury houseboat is one of those high end boats that look like a yacht. However, they have more extravagant features as compared to typical houseboats. They have granite counters, air conditioning units, gas grills and dishwashers among others.

For the trailerable, this is a type of houseboat which can be towed using a small truck. It is usually smaller than the other models but this is perfect for those who only wish to go on the boat for a short span of time.
As soon as you finalize the types of amenities and items you want in your boat, you can also check out some houseboat plans and blueprints you can find. This way, you'll have a better idea about their functional layouts and how you can also conserve space even with a much smaller boat.

If you'll be using your houseboat for your travels, you need to check out other options like when it comes to engines, building materials, fuels and others. When it comes to the building of your houseboat, sometimes, even if you have the houseboat plans to guide you, you still need to check with a professional regarding bits and pieces. For this reason, you need to find an expert who can guide you. It is better if you can find one who offer you his expert tips together with the houseboat plans of your choice.

You must have great house boat plans to save money and time while building a killer boat. We provide over 250 boat plans at our site. Come visit us and get your free award winning houseboat plans today!
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