Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Houses Unique From the Container

desain rumah 

The problem for the home of this container is the dimension of width, which is only about 2.5 meters. In the picture above shows some parts made salient to get around the width of a container is minimal. Protruding parts that are reserved for the kitchen, dining, beds, bathrooms, workplaces, and storage.
Basic dimensions of 40 ft container is as follows: length 12.19 meters, width 2.44 meters, 2.59 meters high. As a basic construction, it is enough to make a small house. Simple problem or not depends upon the contents of the house itself. Whether cheap or not, but the basic construction for this house, in the form of container used, can be obtained at a price of USD 15 million to 18 million (size 40 foot containers used to the conditions around 80%). Staying the problem is the development of this container.


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