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Indonesia Presidential Palace

Did you know that the president of Indonesia Presidential Palace has 6 pieces and 1 piece of the Vice President? Most of the palace was built by the Dutch and some of its own.
Palaces are many who are not used as an official office but is a symbol of Indonesia and occasionally used to entertain guests from abroad, or sometimes as did Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recently, held a different atmosphere for the cabinet meeting.
Palaces are very beautiful architecture and reflect the pride of Indonesia. 

Palace Wakil Presiden, Jakarta

Although not officially occupied the president but the vice president's office could also be one of the palaces we categorize this country's leaders. This palace berletak at Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan no.6 overlooking National Monument, Monument Square on the other side of the Presidential Palace. The palace was originally built for the prime minister's palace of the Dutch East Indies named Indisch Woonhuis (also the name of the type of architecture is translated as "House of the Dutch East Indies" in 1920.
palace Cipanas.

This palace is situated at the foot of Mount Gede in Cipanas village. The palace was intended for the presidential retreat Camp David as well as in the U.S.. The palace has beautiful gardens and parks covering 22 acres. Important events in the Palace is the ongoing cabinet meeting led by President Sukarno in December 1965, which sets the change in value for money of Rp 1,000, - to Rp 1, -. In the palace was stored collection of paintings and sculpture works of famous artists such as Basuki Abdullah and Lee Man Fong. The palace was originally built for the residence of Dutch entrepreneurs.


This palace is situated in the city center just down the road Maliboro precisely. Great House was originally built for the residents of Yogyakarta, the architect A. Payen, in 1869. This building is a witness to history when the Bung Karno based in situ time of the Republic, the building was also appointed General Sudirman. Currently the Great House to the office and official residence of the President while in Yogyakarta. In front of this building there are statues of stone Andesite guard who oversees the palace by loyal

palace Tampak Siring, Bali

Looks Siring palace is a palace resort in Bali. This palace is the only Presidential Palace which was built after Indonesia's independence. Diprakarasi by Sukarno, the palace was built by the architect RM Soedarsono from the year 1957-1960. In addition to the presidential palace, this complex also contains a performance hall and conference building. There have been many state leaders who live in this palace as President Ne Win of Burma (now Myanmar), President Tito of Yugoslavia, President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nehru of India, Prime Minister of the Soviet Union Khruchev, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands , and Hirihito Emperor of Japan.


Before confusing, complex in the Presidential Palace Jakarta there are two of the Presidential Palace and the Palace. State court is an older building. The palace overlooks Ciliwung (Jl. Veteran) and built in the early years of 1796-1804 as a vacation home of a Dutch businessman. The palace was later used for the board of the Dutch East Indies government of the colony. The palace was then called the Palace Rijswik. This palace is now used only for ceremonial. Ancient Greek architecture, this building was renovated for a more formal impression.

Palace Merdeka, Jakarta

In the same complex with the National Palace, the Palace was first called the Palace of Gambir. The palace with an area of ​​about 2,400 m² was built during the reign of Governor-General JW Van Lansberge in 1873 in the same plot with the Palace began to tighten. Merdeka Palace to witness the recognition of the sovereignty of the RIS in 1949. The palace was inhabited only by Sukarno, Abdurrahman Wahid and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. President Seoharto prefer to stay at his residence in Jalan Cendana, Menteng. Now the palace is only used for ceremonial because the President is more often based on the Bina Graha in the same complex.

Palace Bogor

Bogor Palace in my opinion is the most beautiful palaces in the presidential palace to another. The palace was formerly called Buitenzorg, Bogor Palace was built in August 1744 and shaped the three, was originally a cottage, he makes sketches and build from year 1745 to 1750, modeled after the architecture Blehheim Palace, residence of the Duke of Malborough, near the town of Oxford in the UK. The palace continues to change every change of governor-general. Malang palace was once heavily damaged by earthquake 1834. Rebuilt in 1850 and in 1870 became the official residence of the governor of the Dutch East Indies. After the independence of the court is often used for state activities such as receiving guests. The palace has a matchless collection of art, Basuki Abdullah paintings, sculptures from Sweden and Poland, Skull Tigers of Siam, painting Russia. The palace complex is located one with the Bogor Botanical Gardens has a population of deer in the beautiful garden.

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