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Interior Design Tips: The Best Colors For Bedroom, Bathroom and Family Room

Repainted is probably the best way to get a look or a new style to a room. It is relatively inexpensive, approximately 750,000 s / d 1.5 million dollars, depending on room size, quality and supply of paint. Repainted the room is also very easy to do, this job is the kind of "1-day project" and can be done by everyone. Paint the room can also cause the residents will feel the change dramatic effect on a room. If the selected paint color prisnip follow the principles of feng shui, the color changes in each room will help residents to sleep better (improve quality of sleep), to warm and enliven every family member when the conversation was over the kitchen table, and change the bathroom from the bedroom an ordinary bath into "an oasis" quiet and peaceful.

Yin and Yang

How to use the principles, techniques and design rules of feng shui in choosing the best paint color for the bedroom, bathroom and family room. Hopefully these tips can be useful for you ..
Each bedroom into the most comfortable place, where you can relax and release the fatigue. There are also many people who want their bedroom into a romantic place, or the place where all family members can sleep together. Common mistakes that usually happens is, some people paint their bedroom walls a light to eliminate the problem by bagua chart / Pa Kua chart, the systematic division of the house area into several sections / section, each section consisting of: family, children, relationship (harmony of relationship), career, health, fame, money / wealth, earth, science, etc.

Pa Kua Chart

For example, if an artist's bedroom in the position of fame section, the artist might be tempted to paint the bedroom with a red color to enhance his fame. I'm sure the artist is not able to sleep in the bedroom is red? You know why? because it is included in the color red Which, while sleep is Yin. It might be better if the artist do a few things like: putting a pillow, doll, or a red picture frame in her bedroom, and paint the room with the colors are more soothing shade.
Another possible way to choose the color of the bedroom is to choose colors that can improve the quality of the elements / elements of your birth. As is known, the science of feng shui element grouping / elements of human birth into several parts, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Someone element / dominant element is water may feel uncomfortable being in the bedroom is blue (pale blue or navy blue), but the effect of color in the bedroom may be causing people to be less dynamic. Someone with a dominant element of water can improve the quality of life by adding some color to balance the elements / elements dominant, for example, for wood green, red or pink for fire, yellow / orange / brown for earth, and white / silver / gold for the metal.
Selecting colors for a child's bedroom may be a bit more complicated. Most parents want to use a pale color (pale) or pastel colors including Yin color category with a view to increase the value of the element / element of their children, but to be remembered by the parents is: that the child's room is a place for kids to sleep well as a place to play.
Coloring child's bedroom with a dominant color or pale pastels will make your child always wanted to get out of his room when out of hours rest / sleep, if children are forced to stay inside the room, it will disrupt the growth or development of creative ideas of the child. Playing for children is part of the developmental process, play will sharpen the intelligence and creativity.
Solutions that can be done is to combine the color of the soft walls (pale / pastel) with complementary accessories room (carpets, dolls, toys, desk, desk lamp, etc.) that color contrast. Another thing to do is create a play area in rooms with room partition, so the kids can play while resting in his bedroom.
Like the bedrooms, bathrooms are also supposed to be a place filled with tranquility. For most people who are busy, spend time while bathing bathroom is the most calm and pleasant. Coloring bathroom walls with colors that fun should also be undertaken. When you choose a color for your bathroom wall, then think about the people who will use the bathroom. What are the basic elements of their birth (fire? Water? Ground? Wood? Or metal?). Be sure to choose colors that can improve the quality of their elements. It must be remembered also, that bathing is an activity related to the elements Ying, and choose a color that best suits the Ying elements. The last part of the arrangement of the bathroom is to reduce the effect / negative energies from the toilet area by adding one of the colors in the element / earth element, such as yellow, orange or brown.
Living Area
The first rule when choosing a color for the living area (which includes the living area are: living room, lounge, family room and dining room) is: Should the entire family feel comfortable with the color. All family members should feel comfortable with the chosen color .. Each color will provide a kind of vibration, as well as lights that can provide dramatic effect, the effect of color, too. Each family member in your home will give a reaction or a different opinion concerning the effects of daramtis or vibration caused by the color of the room.
For example, if your element is earth, and without discussing it with family members and then you decide to paint the dining room wall that originally pure white to bright yellow color (bright yellow), then the effect you will see your daughter who has an element / metal dominant element suddenly became quiet at dinner time.
Your daughter is not stubborn or challenging the results of your work on the dining room wall, but what happens actually is: the color of the dining room wall that was initially white and then turns yellow light to make your daughter feel unable to overcome a wrong thing that suddenly occurred him. This may sound strange to you, as strange to me that suddenly feels less enthusiastic when entering the area / room whose walls are dominated by yellow or brown.
Think carefully about the utilization of space in the living area (living room, den, family room, and dining room), which I mean to what activities are the rooms you use. For example, if you like to hold a banquet / party room dining or living room, then use the family room / lounge equipped with fireplace (fireplace) to enjoy a quiet evening with a book, then watch all your habits are when it determines the color scheme (color scheme) between rooms.
The parties conducted in a room dominated by the colors of Yin (Yin is soft colors, some say dark colors) will taste bland and will be remembered as the party that feels long but boring. You will also find it hard to concentrate on reading the book you if family room wall color is too dominated by the color of Yang (Yang is a warm color, some say the color of light).
The lounge is painted with bright yellow color and accessories complement the room bright red or purple (violet) probably will make the room the scenery looks very bad and seemed incoherent. You also can fall asleep while reading the book if the color of your wall space is dominated by beige color (brownish gray) and pastel colors. Always try to balance between both (Yin and Yang) in the selection of color in every living area.
Finally I just want to say .. any room, whether the bedroom, bathroom, or in your home living area (living room, lounge and family room), if the paint color selection is done properly and carefully will make a very noticeable difference. A striking difference will be felt by people or family members who are at home.
By choosing paint colors that match the rules of feng shui to the room walls, you and all family members will find a condition where you will sleep better, enjoy a bath or soak your bathroom, the frequency of activities to dinner together more often occurred, and relationships more harmonious family members among each other.

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