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Intimate atmosphere created in the Dining Room

Suasana intim di ruang makan. (Foto: Getty Images)

ROOM eating is part of the same importance to the family room in a house. Because the interaction among members of the family done here, you need to create a comfortable dining area design, warm and familiar.
The presence of the dining room at the present time probably the most important in the house. This is mainly due to the presence of the dining room also serves as a place to gather with family to spend quality time after the move all day. Often warm conversation in the family occurred in this room.
Even in the homes of very limited extent, the dining room is often used as a multifunctional space. As the dining room, seating while watching television, even where the baby doing their jobs. Therefore, keep your familiarity with creating a pleasant dining room for the whole family.
In addition to convenience, other factors to note is the emphasis on function, style, and space savings. And that is not less important is the selection of color on the dining room giving rise to the impression of a comfortable, familiar, too intimate. Application of the colors in the dining room allegedly was able to create mood and appetite.
Perhaps you are unaware, some human mood is influenced also by the colors seen. According to experts, some color has great significance in the human mind. The colors were also turned out to influence people to act, decide, think, to act spontaneously.
Therefore, do not let one select color when decorating the dining room. If one chose, it will make your dining mood dropped dramatically.
"It should be bold (select colors). A very strong color will work remarkable in the dining room, creating an atmosphere that is really dramatic, intimate atmosphere, and a great place to find entertainment, "said Sarah Cole, director of Farrow & Ball as reported page.
Farrow & Ball is a provider of enterprise manufacturing wall paint and wallpaper famous British. When you start choosing colors, she asks you to set the mood. Use a mood board, the board containing the composition of the images that will be used as a reference design to be realized.
Mood board will reveal the initial picture of how the atmosphere, colors, and themes to be realized. Through a mood board, you will unify complexion between harmonization palette, texture, and flavor of a room. According to Sarah, is the right color red to stimulate the appetite, which is becoming a favorite for most people.
Red to choose from including deep red with magenta tinge to the damson-like fruit of eggplant.
"Perfection and warmth (red) makes this color becomes the ideal choice for the dining room is usually always by candlelight," said Sarah.
The style is earthy terracotta and brown are also good choices for dining. If you still hesitate to use strong colors, try to brush the paint on just one accent wall and paint the remaining walls in a neutral tones are different.
Continue the theme of this accent on the nuances of dining table, furniture, and accessories. Yellow is also a color that can provide the atmosphere on your visual stimulation of food presented.
These colors dominate the color without your being aware of food, especially fruits are consumed daily. Therefore, no one in the dining room if you give the red and yellow as one of the colors which can increase appetite.
Try to look at houses to eat and restaurants, the two colors are often the choice pemiliknya.Soal how to keep those colors look good, you need to combine it with simple shapes, such as geometric shapes and lines elements.
If your dining room is not too extensive, you can place a small dining table in there. You must avoid pink and purple because the color is said to suppress appetite, so a bad omen for the election atmosphere in the dining room.
The colors are sharp and too light can be applied to the equipment as aksendanaksesori, tapitidakpada walls of the room. The color blue is also not the right choice on the design of the dining room color because it can send a "message" wrong in the human subconscious when you are serving food, which in turn creates an intimate atmosphere lacking among family members.
Let the mood-lit dining room. At night, the dining room is usually always used as a central point to create a home atmosphere. The use of decorative lights that ran low or a chandelier can add to the effects of intimacy, especially if at the dining table and sideboard placed candles.
However, please remember, do not put a scented candle that is usually for the living room or bedroom because it would create a confusing smell of food.

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