Saturday, July 23, 2011

Justin Bieber Celebrity Luxurious Homes

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Justin Bieber’s current family home is in Stratford, Canada. He currently shares this particular home with his parents and grand-parents.  It is a moderately sized family house built from standard house bricks, and appears to be set over two floors.There is a single driveway and garage, suitable for housing a single car.

There appears to be a medium sized lawn at the front of the house (as seen from the Google Maps surveying camera) but no view of the rear garden is currently available.

It is not known exactly how often Justin Bieber is present at this family house anymore due to tours and media events, but it is likely he would still visit there when he was returning home.

It is reported however that Justin Bieber will soon be moving into his own $1.7m apartment in the plush Westwood area of Los Angeles.

The apartment is a present for his coming birthday from his mother and grandmother and measures 2,400 square feet.

The apartment features a party room, an indoor heated swimming pool and a spa.  The living room is spacious with views across the city of Los Angeles.  The walls and floor are white making it easy to buy furniture and interior accessories to match the neutral color scheme.

There are three bedrooms in this new apartment and it also features a study room for the song writing he no doubt spends a long time on.

The study room has already had some styling put in place and it is rumored to have a picture of a dog on the wall and a guitar stand for holding instruments that might be used in the song writing process.

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