Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Nouvel Ardmore, This Apartment Floating in the Air ...

A new apartment called The Le Nouvel Ardmore, by Jean Nouvel, the world renowned architect and winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2008 and the Wolf Prize in Arts 2005, is present in Singapore. Nouvel designed the apartment with the concept bungalow which floats in the air (elevated bungalow).
This concept allows each building, each with its orientation, forming the same logic of a private room or bungalow in the sky well above the ground. The design of Le Nouvel Ardmore is inspired by the Rubik's cube, which maximizes the quality and the view from space in a modular on the front wall of moving from light and transparency using glass and automatic doors to create conflicts of direction, texture, light, and techniques unusual.
The front of the building is also quite unique since the turn of transparency and light, through the grilles and screens that automatically creates a symphony of infinite variation throughout the day. Substitution of this light favorable views of residents in determining the object and adjust the light into their homes.
In looking outward, building apartment building concept wearing a clean white color and monochromatic towering into the sky. To give a touch of pleasure as a dwelling, adding shades of green are abundant not escape placed by presenting a natural element of green around the room.
Living in this spacious apartment, residents will enjoy the green scenery, fresh air too, and the breeze while enjoying the beauty of the skyline. Enjoyment that can be realized perfectly, especially from the Observatoire, located on floors 26 and 27.
As per his reputation, The Le Nouvel Ardmore gives new definition to the area of ​​the New Ardmore elite with style and a new life. This is well confirmed as a token of appreciation to the monolithic architecture is expressed in a pure and simple by Jean Nouvel, the architect of modern architectural styles adherents.
The apartment was developed by Singapore developer Wing Tai Holdings Limited is located in Ardmore Road, Singapore, one of the main area condo with absolute ownership in Asia. One apartment tower with absolute ownership consists of 43 exclusive residence with an area of ​​3800 square meters.

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