Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Magic House Door

1. Door table tennis
pintu ping-pong
Cool door is a pleasure for all who love being in the house, especially for those who want to exercise indoors because the weather prevented or reluctant to go outside. Ping-Pong Door is designed by Tobias Fränzel, behind the door and then turned into a ping pong table, all ready to play. And once you are done, turn the door again and back into a functional door.

door Curtain
pintu tirai
Created by Matharoo Associates for a diamond merchant in India, the door is made as high as 17 feet wide and five and a half feet, and consists of 40 parts of Burma teak, each of which is almost a foot thick. Each piece revolves around some fairly complex machines, single shaft door peg actually hid a counterweight, 80 ball bearings, and pulleys 160. Constructed of polished wood panels, doors are designed to be opened in the same way as folding fans. Every time you open the door, these boards will gradually move away to greet you.
3. doors Destroyed
pintu hancur
This work was created by a talented artist from Argentina named Leandro Erlich. The door is broken is the art on display at the gallery on the Luciana Brito São Paulo, Brazil.
4. Revolution Green Door
The door remains door, right? Fluxxlab of New York produced the Revolution Door is powered by the turbine so that every people who pass through every time they enter or exit the building will rotate the door and then generate electrical energy efficiently. Suitable for installation in all the luxury casino in Las Vegas given the number of people who traffic in there very much. Revolution Door is expected to save the cost of electricity bills of the buildings concerned.

5. Doors Light & Air
pintu cahaya udara
Light & Air Doors Luna is a simple door with a mysterious character that provides a surprisingly functional feature. A hole in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the button, which regulates the amount of light, air and noise between two rooms. Constructed of hollow core doors with interior panels that shift from left to right. Exterior surface can be made ​​in a variety of wood, metal and fabric.
6. secret door
pintu rahasia
When looking to get a secret door on your bed, you basically have three choices: You can make your own, you can buy premade revolving bookcase from wood-working company regular, or you can choose to hide the creative precision system from Creative Home Engineering. As stated by them, "Thieves can not steal in a room if he can not find where the room was located." So, to make sure you keep a secret door hidden, Creative Home Engineering offers a number of non-traditional hiding machines. Sure, they have a standard revolving bookcases and sliding wall panels. But, the company had also hidden door construction of the old clock, a fireplace, painting, stairs, and other household supplies.
7. Chalkboard Door
pintu papan tulis
What if you have a chalkboard near the door of a bathroom or kitchen? That's cool and a great way to leave a note of inspiration, messages or reminders for those of you who need to leave a note.
8.Door Hangers
pintu gantungan
Inside this door, the latch is hidden in it when the door closes. Only when you open the door hangers to be open and ready for use.
9. Into & Out Door
pintu ke dalam, dan ke luar
Factory sticker may be out of business because the sticker "PUSH" and "PULL" they are now often found on the door will be felt not attractive & modern. Door Into & Out solve the problem to show the push or pull on the door by creating an intuitive knob. On the "PUSH", there is a flat panel and on the "PULL" knob. Instinctively you know how to unlock the door
10. door Ali
pintu alice
This is the front door of The Moxie Spot, at Atlantic Avenue. Design "Three in One" was made for adults, children, and pets as well. Moxie Spot is a family establishment in communicating tergambat at the door of this copper, from the smallest family, to the highest

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