Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make Home Cool Without AC

rumah_tanpaACComfort, coolness of the house as a residence is hope for all the family. It is not impossible to create a cool house without Air Conditioning (AC). More power-efficient and environmentally friendly. Check out some tricks here.
Indonesia's tropical climate that tends to heat, especially in urban areas, making air conditioning a necessity. It seemed impossible to have a home stay cool and comfortable, without his presence.
With growing environmental issues, such as global warming, the use of air conditioning became one of the negative impact. Especially in terms of electrical energy usage. Why not start now we reduce and even eliminate altogether the use of air conditioning.
Here are tips to make the house cool without air conditioning:
Maximize ventilation openings andTo create a comfortable home, cool, as well as healthy, good air circulation flow to be an absolute requirement. Such air circulation which can be obtained by providing openings or adequate ventilation. So that the air flow in and out, balanced.
Minimize entry of the afternoon sunIn the afternoon, when the sun is very hot, try not too much incoming light. Because the afternoon sun can be one factor affecting the increase in temperature of the room. One way, complete with window window shade. Window shade will help reduce the amount of incoming light. So it can minimize the increase in temperature of the room.
Distance ceiling and the floor is quite highDistance ideal ceiling and floor is 2.75 m-4m. There's even some residential raise the ceiling up to 6m, in several rooms. This is due, ceiling height to provide enough space for the velocity and air exchange. In addition, it can also reduce indoor heat, which caused the flow of heat deposition from the attic into the room.
Use roofing materials that reflect the heatThe heat generated from the entry of sunlight, not only from the windows, the roof also. Therefore, select a roofing material that can reflect the heat. Ceramic tile for example. Or you can also add reflective insulation material and heat shock.
Create a pond or park in the area of ​​the house (innercourt)Pool and garden can help reduce the temperature of the room. In order not to make the indoor air becomes humid, try to stay there the sun coming into innercourt. One way to provide enough openings in the roof, for example. Thus there remains a good air exchange, from inside to outside and vice versa.

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