Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Wood Stay Beautiful and Durability

Can not be denied the wood is still the main material in a dwelling. So also in the furniture business. Wood is also still a favorite material.

kayu098As building materials, wood in a building very much used, both in the structure of walls, floors, ceilings, roof truss, frame, and sometimes used as a pillar in the structure of the houses on stilts.

Maybe our homes will look sturdy and attractive while still new. However, because the properties of wood are easily changed by the influence of weather and easily corrupted by the influence of termite attack, then within the next few years will see the structure of damaged homes. Wood is very susceptible to some circumstances such as weather, animal attacks, and the influence of loading.

That's because the wood is often confronted with the open air and have high humidity. Two conditions can cause rapid damp wood in a long time so the wood will absorb water so it expands allowing the wood to be curved.

To fix this, use polymer coatings such as wood that can last a long time and always look shiny. In addition to weather factors, animal factors can also cause wood display becomes corrupted. Animals that often attack wood are termites, rats, and beetles perengat.

To protect the wood from an animal attack, you can try to give the drug once a year antihama. When using a wood floor, steps to anticipate pest attack by coating the wooden floor with casting before being installed.

In addition to preventive measures, routine maintenance should always be done by cleaning the wood floors. Should do pengepelan floors regularly and immediately cleaned up immediately. Traditional spices such as banana tree bark and tobacco can also help the wood floors or walls of the shiny wood.

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