Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Wayne Rooney (c) getty

Apparently, Wayne Rooney can play quietly in the World Cup in June. Because the England striker did not have to worry about the security of his home for abandoned following the mat is in South Africa.
As reported by The Sun, Rooney entrust the security of his home on a special power. Unmitigated, Rooney is a guard house Gurkha troops. Special forces from Nepal is going to keep the house worth £ 4.5 million is left for the owner.
Gurkha troops are British special forces unit from the tribes of Nepal. They have an excellent reputation in combat. In addition, they are known not afraid to fight an enemy as powerful as any. The most horrible, they are also known adept at using the kukri, the traditional kind of weapons they are shaped like knives.
Apart from Rooney, his neighbor, Wes Brown, who also will play in South Africa are also rumored to entrust the security of his home on the Gurkhas. In addition, the Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland has long been rumored to also do the same to keep his castle located in the area.
Previously, the football players always face the threat of burglary of their home when the occupants left. Rooney and several other players had become victims of this criminal action. In fact, fiance Darren Fletcher, Rooney's colleagues at Manchester United, until a gun a knife in his neck in a robbery attempt, some time ago.

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