Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nuance Happy Home

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Blue is one of my favorite colors and I think you should use your favorite color in at least one room of your house.

What do you feel every time you come home and open the door? Do you feel happy for finally getting home? Do you feel happy for seeing your things the way they are? What’s your impression of your own home?  These are questions we never really think to answer, but they are always there and whenever you open that door, a feeling– good or bad– always comes to you. Being happy in your home is truly essential. I asked myself before starting this blog if it would be a good idea to write about interior design every day of the week. I asked if I was going to truly enjoy doing this. Not because of the fact it takes time, but I was asking myself if this subject would feel irrelevant at times. But I chose to talk about our homes because I truly believe we need to have a space where we feel happy and comfortable in. That’s all. And as long I believe, I can somehow help my friends (you) and even myself to achieve this goal, so then this is all worth it and even important.
This post is about that feeling you get when you enter a room you love and simply feel happy for being there. Don’t we all wish our whole house was that way? Is it possible? I believe it is but I don’t think it happens overnight. You first should have a relationship with each room of your house, feel what it really needs and create each room according to your taste and the room’s necessities.
It’s wonderful to feel embraced by your own home.

What a chic boudoir! I’m not huge on this color but I simply love this space! Very feminine and delicious!

Very tailored and chic. Bright rooms always feel great to me.

This island is really unique. Your house should have unique touches that remind you why you have chosen them. After all, that’s how you can leave your “mark” on the home.

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