Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obama's former house in Menteng negotiable Rp150 Billion

The strengthening popular support for the United States against presidential candidate Barack Obama's impact on the trail Obama in Indonesia. Childhood home of U.S. President is a strong candidate in Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah No. 22, Village Pegangsaan, Menteng District, Central Jakarta, enthused many prospective buyers, especially from abroad.
According to Tata Aboe Bakar (78), the homeowner, the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia was interested in buying a house former residence of the black U.S. presidential candidates. In addition there are several other enthusiasts who are equally interested in buying a house is an area of ​​1,200 square meters. Prices proposed enthusiasts Rp 150 billion.
Tata Aboe Bakar (78) is a retired Navy. He entered retirement in 1981. Tata's house consists of two buildings, namely the main house and guest cottage.
In this former house from early 1970 to early 1971, Barry was 9 years old lived with his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and his biological mother, Ann Dunham. They live by paying a monthly rent to the families of Tata Aboe Bakar. While the main house the family occupied Tata Aboe Bakar.
The Warta Kota on Monday (27/10), Tata Aboe Bakar says, within 6 months, there were four strangers who came and claimed to be interested in buying a house is the former residence of the record of Barack Obama Obama wins the U.S. Presidential Elections on 4 November 2008.
Half a year ago, Tata said, there are people who claim to delegates from employers in the U.S.. His arrival to ask if the house was the former residence of Barack Obama will be sold. A few months later, came another person who also admitted to the messengers, a businessman in the U.S.. He also has the same interests that would buy the house for 5-fold with the terms Obama won the U.S. presidential election.
After that, a businessman from the Netherlands came to meet Tata Aboe Bakr and said the same intentions. Dutch businessman who has two cafes in Bali that claimed dare buy a house at a price of Barrack Obama's former five times the market price, if Obama becomes U.S. President. The latter, about a month ago, someone claiming to be from the U.S. Embassy came and the Great expressed his intention to buy a house five times the actual price.
"Three people before coming to me is a stranger or Caucasians. While he was claiming to messenger or an employee of the United States Embassy in Indonesia is an Indonesian native, not Caucasians. After coming, tomorrow, next day he would often call and ask if there are others who also bid and buy this house, "said Tata.
Tata Aboe Bakar claimed to be interested with an offer price five times the market price offered his home enthusiasts. He claimed to be selling a house built in 1939 by his father, Dr. Soerono, that if indeed Obama wins the U.S. presidential election. "Because we also need money. And we would not hypocritical that the bid price of five times it was tempting," said Tata.
Kasi Village Government Pegangsaan, Basaruddin Siregar, said the sale value of tax object (NJOP) of land in 2008 in the Village Pegangsaan is Rp 8 million per square meter. While the market price of land in that place at least Rp 25 million per square meter or about three times the price NJOP.
"There is even a market price of land in this village Pegangsaan to 5 times the NJOP price per square meter. So the land prices here are very dependent on the agreement, the form of buildings, and other factors," he said.
When the market price of land in the Village Pegangsaan Rp 25 million per square meter, with a land area of ​​1,200 square meters, the minimum price of land where houses once occupied by the establishment of Barrack Obama is Rp 30 billion. Then, with the offer five times the market price, then price becomes the Rp 150 billion. One thing to keep in mind that the price does not include building a house. Yet house building is very special because it is still in its original form as when first built in 1939.
Because including the old house is still original and have never been renovated, following the main house pavilion is owned Tata Aboe Bakar had received the Heritage Award 2008 Building Heritage Preservation Area by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo. (BUM)

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