Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Cottage Inspiration

Today is the first day of summer and I don’t see a better way to show you how excited I am besides sharing this cottage with you. When I first saw it, I felt my chin dropping and dropping and at the end of it I was wishing I was in this place. All I could say was: “I want it”! I’m not kidding. I want this cottage! I love every room, all the light and breeze feeling, all the simple furnishings, and the lifestyle.
Summer should be about this: simplicity, freshness and lightness. No stress should be allowed on a sunny summer day. Only a comfy chair, a good book, the kids running on the grassy yard, the husband preparing a light meal on the BBQ (how about some shrimp kabobs?), and for desert? Bring me some juicy and sweet watermelon.
Until then, let’s dream with this cottage…
I love those swing-chairs on this porch. I could have some ice cream there!

Shells & Stars
Expect everything to be white & light in this cottage. More summery than this? Impossible.

Craft & Work
I love that small office/craft room by the living room. The white lanterns are gorgeous.

Opening your Heart
Let the breeze in!

No Fuss
This kitchen is so perfect for a cottage. The floors are so easy to clean, it’s spacious and with a range like that, you can cook for a bunch of people. Isn’t a cottage all about that? Having the whole family together, eating delicious food and just taking it easy?

Yummy in my Tummy
You’ll see so many cute little touches around this cottage. Notice the hearts on the bag and container. Love is in the details.

More Love
I love this picture! Isn’t it sweet?

Table & Beams
Mostly of the wood in this house is very light and it looks great with all the white furniture.

I always like seeing family photos framed by the stairs. I think they always make the place feel more personal and interesting. Back & white is usually the best option.

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