Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tips Before Building a House

The first thing to consider in preparation for realizing your dream home is provided by budget problems, this is very important, because in building a house is often if not well planned then it would disrupt the family finances. Ok, when it prepared a budget that you provide, we start with how to build it, whether you will use the services of an architect-contractor? Or only the services of an architect? Or you actually believe in the ability to design your own?
Architect and Contractor Services Costs
Usually the most frequently asked questions first, or at least the first thought is "How much does service cost?"
For the actual cost of architect's services relative magnitude, depending on the experience of the architect himself. If want cheap I recommend the services of architects who have recently graduated, because usually the price is very negotiable so that architects are increasing the number of its portfolio so that its value at the higher end, but well there are drawbacks also recently passed his name often in the design of buildings is still somewhat idealistic, detail- somewhat less detail building material selection or the lack of alternatives. Well, you could say "price mah gak bo'ong".
Usually the architect's services ranged from 2% -4% of the RAB is made (personal experience, not an official reference). Its usual for the initial benchmark agreed with the design desired by the owner (you) you will get the price per m2 of the building, the price is exactly what the reference to the determination of his fees the architect before the RAB is made final. Or it could be the architect set prices based on per-m2 designnya, which are common in Jakarta is 80rb/m2 s / d 185rb/m2, when above the price this means that the architect was already well known and usually holds a value proyek2 billions (one of my colleagues already reached 700rb/m2 J).
For contractors, usually if the system is cost and fee is normally a contractor to fix the cost of services by 10% s / d 15%, but the system is often detrimental to the owner, why? Usually when its contractor you do not know well or are "naughty", then the owner will lose money due to the more "swollen" budget to build a house, usually caused by stretching them off the project at its completion in order to swell the cost of worker wages, and the price of goods rises, so if the budget swells then the fee is received will also swell. The alternative is a fixed cost and fee system, which is just as cost and fee but the fee was fixed based on the initial deal and has not changed, except the amendments made by the owner, this is a win-win solution for both parties. Another system is by way of lump sum or lump sum, usually the way it is used by the owner who did not want to be bothered at all with the bookkeeping project, which is essential to the desired house completed on time, but this is not the way I recommend to owners with a mediocre budget.
Cost IMB
How does the cost of actual BMI? It's a bit difficult for me to explain, because even though the actual cost for this IMB official is not great, but it becomes expensive because the individuals are not responsible. For more details you can come to the local Building Department where you live, a mere illustration: Year 2007 (July) I take care of the IMB to my client (the project house in Kelapa Gading), the fees charged are 25rb/m2, rose after bargaining is quite fierce with the officers. The duration of work permits out of a month.
Calculation Illustration
Ok, let's try to make the calculation of the cost. For example, your land is 100m2 with the assumption that the extent of BCR of 60%, then the amount of land to be built is 60m2. You want a house with a minimalist design with 3 KT, 2 KM, KT garage and a maid, then we can design a house 2 floors with an area of ​​120m2.
We assume 100rb/m2 architect services, contractor services with 10% fixed cost and fees, and the value of your building juta/m2 2.3, IMB 25rb/m2 costs, then the total funds that you have to provide are:
Fee architect = 100rb/m2 x 120m2 = Rp 12,000,000.00
IMB = 25rb/m2 x 120m2 = Rp 3,000,000.00
Contractor fee = 10% x 120m2 x 2.3 juta/m2 = Rp 27,600,000.00
Cost wake = 2.3 juta/m2 x 120m2 = Rp 276,000,000.00 +
Total = USD 318,600,000.00
Tips for Choosing a Contractor This writing is actually not with the intention of promoting the use of architects and contractors (self:)) but more for the good for colleagues who want to build a dream house.
The first in the selection of architect-contractor (AK) is a reference from family or colleagues who have taken AK services, because at least you can trust from the people closest reference.
Second, you can ask for a reference project ever undertaken, for example an architect you can ask designnya examples, ranging from the plan, façade, detail sills, detai floor, ceiling details, floor plans point lights (electrical), its 3D images, and other so on. From reference this project you can see if the architect you are interviewing is suitable to your desires in realizing the dream home for your family.
For the Contractor, you may request show projects ever undertaken (newest at least) that you apat meihat quality of her work, such as: whether many of the cracked walls? Quality painting how? Are the walls flat or bumpy? You can also see the neatness artisan tiles line the walls to see whether straight or not.
The third character is a match, you're probably thinking "What to do?" In my experience this is the last point is a point that should not be overlooked in selecting the architects, contractors, just like me in deciding to accept a client. Why? So that mutual trust can be formed, if the first course you "not" believe in the character and honesty in why continue? Yet the possibility of a state of "not good in the back" can occur, and this is what we want to avoid.
Of the 3 points here you can determine where the AK that you can choose.

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