Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tricks Clean Odor and Fungus in the Cupboard

pakaian_lemariWhy can there be odor and mildew in the closet of your home? If it occurred to us then one of the causes is the moist air, air will be humid during the rainy season comes.

Therefore the high air humidity are not uncommon could threaten your home furnishings in the house. Cupboard which is always closed for example it would be easier to come moist and smelled of mildew. Well. Here's how to resolve the odor and mildew in the closet in your home:

Take a few sticks of chalk. Then place it in every corner of your closet. Because lime can help to absorb any water until your closet can be protected from excessive moisture.

Wipe clean in the given alcohol
How to cope with the fungus on cabinets made ​​from particle board, to clean it is to clean the surface with a clean cloth that had been given alcohol. Then the mushrooms in the closet will disappear and does not smell anymore.

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