Thursday, July 7, 2011

Type 36 Small House Design

how are you all? I hope you and your family always healthy always. If the design of a small house on the article I previously posted an article about the Design House Small Type 27, then on this occasion I will continue with the Design House Tiny Type 36.

Like the previous design, then design a small house this time I give free or free, and you can use if the design of this house to suit your needs. There are many comments that go through the website asking design a small house on land with a width of 6 m and a length of 12 m, and from the doodles then obtained design house with an area of ​​36 m².

Playhouse design type 36 consists of two bedrooms, living room, family room, porch which also serves as a place to receive guests, the kitchen, and garden (front and rear). If you have land / lots area of ​​housing, the design of this house you can develop again in the form of a new layout that would suit and accommodate the needs of you and your family. Small house design drawings that I type 36 reference images show just for you.

Tampak Depan 

Estimated cost to build a house like the picture above design is as follows: 1.5 juta/m2 and the estimated total costs of production for the home area of ​​36 m2 is: 55 s / d 60 million dollars. Of course, estimates / cost estimate must be adjusted with the wage and material price your city, and the costs above do not include the price of land (only the price / cost of home production only).

So posting this article, may design a small house type 36 as in the picture above is useful for you. On the occasion of the next tiny house design series I will show pictures of home design tiny type 45. Happy weekend and may happiness always be with you and your family.

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