Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 The Most Unique House in the World

 5 The Most Unique House in the World

5 The Most Unique House in the World. The house is one of the things closest to us as well as including the most important thing for us, shelter and rest as well as others. As usual, judging from its design still follows a fairly common design, there are no rarity and uniqueness. But unlike with a unique 5 houses in the world, want to know what? Cekidot directly.
Bart Prince House
Bart Prince is an architect who is unique enough, he designed a unique home with the theme of the box and some other unique shapes. Naturally, if the house is included from one of the most unique in the world.
Dar al Hajar
Dar al Hajar who plays in Yemen is also quite stunning, quite different from the design house Bart Prince. Shaped like a palace in ancient times, from rocks and terraced as in the picture. It turns out that making this unique home has the design intent for the summer.
Bubble House
This one is more unique anymore, Bubble House in France is one of the historic monuments there. Designed in the 70s but unfortunately this unique house has not completed her whole. If we look at its design, very futuristic, as the name Bubble is a bubble or like a sphere. Just look at the form of windows, doors and several others are round. Naturally, this house belongs to the most unique in the world.
Upside Down House
From namannya if interpreted in Indonesian means is the house upside down, under the condition that it should instead be placed on top. The existence of this unique house in Poland and enough attention crowd, the article of home design is the same as usual, but his condition is really behind 180 degrees.
Toilet Shaped House

Almost the same as Upside Down House in terms of its name, we can already guess from the name mean this house. Yes its forms such as toilet, or so it seemed fitting as a toilet seat if we look at it from above. Unique design of this house, surrounded by many windows, and if you want to see first hand can go Suweon, South Korea.
Well that's about the most unique 5 houses in the world, forms its unusual as most house building, in fact there are many more forms banguna most unique in the world. Do you have a unique design for a house? Starting was to make it from now on.


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