Wednesday, August 24, 2011

7 Tips on Designing House of Bamboo

 7 Tips on Designing House of Bamboo

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material because it does not require much energy in its implementation. Unlike the wood of trees that once cut straight out, bamboo can be harvested every 3 years and continued to grow over the roots are not damaged. It is asserted that bamboo is a rapidly renewable building materials, and cheaper.
This type of bamboo is good when used as a material house is bamboo rope / smear, temen bamboo, bamboo and bamboo petung Gombong. Before use, the bamboo must be chemically processed in advance so durable.
The cost of building a bamboo house is quite cheap and easy to
treatment , but need to do a special effort to design a bamboo house to be built will be completed with good quality and durable, here are some tips on designing a bamboo house might be useful:

1. Before making the design should first check the diameter of the bamboo are available, so when the      development takes place not difficulties in the search occurred when the construction material. 
2. Bamboo is to be built should be efforts to advance preservation as a way immersion or application of chemicals that serve to preserve the bamboo and prevents animals that can damage the bamboo construction.
3. Customize the design house of bamboo with the natural conditions or environment for buildings to be constructed will be able to blend with the surrounding nature that adds its own uniqueness.
4.House of bamboo can be combined by using a variety of natural materials such as natural stone, thatched roof, roof tile.
5. Add the bamboo garden around the house like a swimming fish mixed with green trees and water is poured so as to create the atmosphere of cool
6. Use paint colors that do not damage the original color of bamboo, such as paint plamir or transparent so as to accentuate the original textures.
7. Treatment is usually a tedious job of the make but in the case of a bamboo house design should be performed routinely in the treatment of certain period of time both in terms of hygiene, damage, or prevention of animal painting that can damage the bamboo house.

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