Monday, August 1, 2011

9 Historic Rooms

The atmosphere inside and outside the Presidential Palace are definitely comfortable and enjoyable is that the leaders of these countries could run the wheels of government to the optimum. But how luxurious the house whether the president's residence? No doubt many who frequently ask such a question..

To answer your question, then you can see the atmosphere in the state palace in the world's superpower, the United States. Here are photos of the White House U.S. State Palace.

  • Lincoln Bedroom
Lincoln Bedroom is a bedroom in the Palace of the White House.Photo taken by Architectural Digest magazine in 2008

Lincoln bedroom in 1976 
  • Blue Room
Is where usually the president and first lady to receive guests. His French-themed decor royal
blue room 
  • China Room
Place glassware from China, including cups, plates, etc. used by the president
white house china's room 
  • State Dining Room
Dining Room This room can contain 140 people in it.

white  house state dining room 
  • Hallway
Liaison between the room so as corridors

white house hallway 
  • President's Oval Office
Workspace President for people was number one in America.
White House President's Oval Office 
  • Diplomatic Reception Room
Like the thing with the presidential office, this space is also oval.
White House Diplomatic Reception  Room 
  • Red Room
The room passions First Lady, Woman Number One in America.
white  house red room 
  • Vermeil Room
Seating for a formal event like a state event

white  house vermeil room

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