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94 Decorating Tips Housing Wanted Welcomes Lebaran 2011

Ramadan has come. Sacred, full of mercy. Fasting was a sign of purification as well as the main practice of inner and outer. A long preparations to welcome the day of victory: Idul Fitri.

Successfully overcome the challenges and temptations of a month duration, should be grateful with joy. Well, there's nothing wrong redecorating; change the interior appearance of your dream home. That is, the other not so in tune with the moods of gratitude. Again, this rearrangement can also be a form of our excitement when receiving guests and relatives who came bersilaturahim.

But hopefully this does not bode consumptive. Moreover, it has been said, in the month of fasting expenditure housewives shopping for daily increase. Therefore, preparations well in advance, determining the budget and decorating the house into a smart key.

Well, with respect to it in fact I already have some tips that are relevant. So you do not bother looking back and forth, I collect here these tips. Besides how many additional ideas of course.

Eid Tip 1: Painting Houses
Dekorasi Lebaran dengan Kain TradisionalLebaran Decorating with Traditional Fabrics

First, it is about a step change Tip 6 paint a room or home as an alternative to creating a new atmosphere in the midst of a limited budget. Important things you need to consider is, the material must paint quality, hand painting on the skilled craftsman and a few techniques to expose contrasting yet harmonious colors.

Second, the technique of paint color combination ceiling, walls and floors (in Tip 15). Interior paint color selection should not only focus on the wall paint. To be more optimal you need memberhatikan ceiling and floor colors. The combination of the three color elements that will create certain effects for your dream home. After a listen, please determine for yourself the effect you want on the rooms in your house.

Third, about the tricks harmonization two contrasting paint color (in Tip 21). Perhaps you want to give your interior a surprise appearance by displaying contrasting colors in the room. In order to remain harmonious appearance again flowing you need to know some basic tips. There are at least two useful tips: use the furniture that contains two contrasting colors of your choice. And use a painting or a framed painting that has two contrasting colors as well.

Eid Tip 2: Decorations Lebaran
Kaligrafi Favorit Anda Untuk LebaranCalligraphy For Your Favorite Lebaran

The main elements of the interior of houses is yourself. All family members. Inner joy that glows in the attitude and full keiklasan greeted by itself will make the house into a shady but warm. Ready to greet relatives. (Read my reviews at the tip 48 on a secret dream house)

Additionally you can show off traditional fabrics to your collection. Do I put the cloth in the appropriate frame in the living room or family. Arrange to harmoniously frames it on the new painted wall.

Of course your favorite calligraphy is worth considering as part of the decoration of houses. I note, note well the color composition, the amount of frames to be harmonious with the choice of accent color space.

Do not forget, clean credensa of goods that are not necessary. And use to put the dry snacks. Such as candy or fresh fruit. Give cloth tablecloths matching the wall color / hiasanya. Put fresh flowers in a vase on it. Hmm!

Eid Tip 3: Space for Children and Adolescents
Perhaps among the relatives of many to bring Children or Youth. Now that they feel free, to prepare a special room where they can meet each other. A piece of carpet near the TV or on the terrace of the house may be their favorite place.

Eid Tip 4: Bedroom
Because of proximity, perhaps some relatives will come to your bedroom. Just want to rest or change clothes. Therefore, do not forget to wash your bed covers. And close the entire bed and pillow and gulingnya before they come. In order to clean colored impression of their visit.

Well congratulations managing the home of your stay. Happy Holidays welcomes nan Fitri 2011.
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