Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Advice on design: To itself designer? Creativity in the interior

Сам себе дизайнер

Agree to show their creative work on the interior of your home can not each of us. The whole reason for even non-financial side of the fantastic ideas of reincarnation home, and your loved ones and relatives. Person whose opinion should be considered in view of the following circumstances - to feel comfortable in the room have all the household, according to the principle of family television viewing.
Designer himself - the best designer!
Since your taste preferences you've never been manifested, therefore, they are family has never been evaluated and accepted. Therefore, to begin to express themselves is in the design of those rooms, which are wholly owned directly to you - the kitchen, bedroom, balcony, balcony, office, workshop and so on.
Do not feel the confidence?
No design experience, no sense of style and sense of color? No problem!
A myriad of sources of design decisions and the irrepressible desire to create - that's all you need. Magazines, websites, TV shows, books, photos, apartment of friends, relatives, work colleagues - a storehouse of valuable information not only from a theoretical point of view but also from the practical.
The main condition for the successful design activity - the presence of the time or ability to cut out. For example, over the seat upholstery in the bedroom can be thought of on my way to work, looking through the pages to sites that look interesting color combinations, playing with children, consider change of scenery, standing in a traffic jam, to reflect on the texture of wallpaper, ceramic tile in the bathroom or structure new night light that you can do with their hands.
Adjust your own sense of style!
Do you think that it's impossible? Nothing! Among the thousands of people there are special units, whose flair and originality to the idea of ​​a completely repulsed, or hypertrophied. Ironically, some of them a reputation for being masters of unique, not typical of ordinary permanent interiors. It turns out that the taste is at all. Or is there something that is perceived as taste.
In order to determine their own sense of style, work through the historic architecture and design styles of distant and recent past. Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Russian style, pseudo-Russian style, Victorian style, ethnic styles of different countries, the Byzantine style, high-tech, modern, minimalist and so on. Detailed and general descriptions, photographs and images of the data sheet set. So, read the description and look at the picture. In each try to find all the points belonging to confirm the style (noted in the description). For myself, underline the similarities and differences in technique. Record.
When you can look at the piece of furniture or interior design in general and to define it or could reasonably be attached to any style - you'll be ready for further work!
The work on the sense of space, light and color based on the principle of processing existing data.
An excellent opportunity to change the spatial perception using artificial sources of light give light: LED light bulbs and tape, halogen lamps, LED-illumination. Using the lamp, you can light up the room, focus the light element to merge the two adjacent rooms or "lose" in the dark corner.
Color and pattern
There are things you can do with color and pattern move walls, raise or lower ceilings expand the space, to approach the wall, accent or summarize elements of the situation.
If you do not feel a genius, accumulating new design ideas, staying on the definition of your preference for a particular style. Choose the style and, based on creating your own interior. Whether to follow the style to the smallest detail or to trade a little of his inner attitude - you decide.
In any case, the interior - a reflection of your perception of the world, the continuation of the internal material I present (at this hour, this moment) state of mind. Therefore, in the process of search, or converting himself recommended to change the look of the room where you sit most of the time.
Results of search for your own personal design propensities to save on services, decorators, to develop a passion for experimentation, to prove themselves and possibly find a new hobby in which you will invest the soul.
Source: shkolazhizni.ru

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