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Home centenarians

The rhythm of modern life gets faster, so calm and comfort of home are valued more. After all, a place where we live - special. All of the furnishings and materials to make the house comfortable, and its inhabitants - happy.
By creating a comfort, you can sacrifice some fashion trends. Especially in the interior design, they do not change as often - according to experts, one style is replaced by another approximately every 5-10 years.
Modern Home
According to psychologists, people entering the premises, especially, drew attention to the ceiling, then walls, and then everything else - furniture, equipment, decorative furniture. Consider these elements of interior details in the order in which the perception of their home visitors.
Modern technology is not standing still, and more and more popular today become ceilings. They are made of vinyl or PVC, which can be made in any color and figure.
It is necessary to take note that the material does not fade for a long time and does not change color (the life of a stretch ceiling - 20 years). Through the use of suspended ceilings, among other things, the room will be securely protected from leaks and. For example, if the top neighbors burst pipe, water flows are not on your walls, and will accumulate in ceilings. This will help avoid repair facilities. A film of water had collected in the pump specialist company that set the coating, after which the surface will again look like new.
As the ceiling, long life and have a wall. As you know, one of the most common materials for them - it's a brick. House made of him, will stand about 150 years.
But bricks can be used not only as a building material, but also as a means to create an interior! Made of a portion of the wall is often a major focus in the design and introduce an emotional atmosphere. In particular, the architect Nikolai Belov says it - "like the traces of past life, like the wrinkles of laughter and sadness on the face."
For those who want to create in your home a truly unique environment, you can suggest artistic painting the walls.
The interior makes it a special charm and uniqueness, can solve the design space in a sophisticated and refined style. Wall painting recreates the various effects can mask the unwanted tabs or extra doors, turn the wall stretching into the future garden or sea. A variety of patterns, images of objects, animals, genre scenes and make it possible to feel the atmosphere of different countries, cultures and times.
For murals apply quality paints, resistant to abrasion and fading. The work carried out by means of such coatings do not require special conditions of care and will last two to three decades. By "long-livers home" today can be attributed, and a window. According to experts PROPLEKS Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of PVC window-profile of Austrian technologies, frames of PVC will last for more than half a century. In particular, the operation of the profile PROPLEX is 60 years.
The window has increasingly become a real "highlight" the interior. Performed in an arched form, or with shades of wood, translucent structures now pay more attention to themselves designers.
For example, a spectacular touch to the interior will be the French windows (floor) of a dark profile. If the view outside the window at this picturesque enough, this technique will help to further decorate the room.
One of the most long-lived elements furnish any housing are hardwood floors. They can be made from oak, beech, ash, maple, etc. Parquet brings comfort to the room, creates a "home" atmosphere. It is also worth noting its reliability - it can withstand both heels owner of the apartment and pets claws. Combining aesthetic and practical problems, flooring can last for 50-80 years or more.
Living the legacy
However, not only design solutions are able to "work" for a long time. Furniture, paintings, mirrors, etc. can give us comfort than a decade.
Fans have long traditions to appreciate the durability of furniture made of oak. Coffee table, wardrobe, bookshelves, made from this material can last more than one generation, bringing the atmosphere of calm and comfort of home. For those who love classic interiors and antiques, be sure to enjoy and a chest of drawers made from old drawings. In the extant products preserved not only the thread, but the bronze edging designed once to give strength and stability of furniture.
Another survivor in the interior - this woven rattan furniture, handmade. It has character, inexhaustible internal energy, which the warmth of their hands conveys the creator of each woven masterpiece.
Pliant to treatment, but strong in the use of rattan with a long service life is increasingly combined with other materials to achieve the effect of comfort, elegance and perfection.
For example, the production of rattan screens combine with the metal. I must say that such furnishings are very durable. In any antique salon can be found many of these gizmos, preserved since the last century thanks to the strength of materials.
Speaking of forged furniture, it can last several centuries. Her undoubted merit in that it features a large variety of original forms, are combined with stone, wood, brick, woven cloth, leather, glass, wood and other materials. Wrought iron furniture can be painted in any color, covered with bronze, copper, silver or gold. With special techniques it can artificially age the way that she looked like a real antique.
According to the designers, one of the most suitable premises for the use of modern furniture with wrought-iron decorative elements of a bedroom. Change the design of the already existing beds can be ordered a new forged back. Also extracted from the total number of interior and create a special atmosphere in the rooms of elegant wrought-iron chandeliers, mirrors, frames, coffee tables.
The interior in detail
The final touch to create a special mood at home serve as decorative furniture. According to the designers, the interior looks harmonious works of art. Painting again coming into fashion. Not only the classics but also contemporary artists, their paintings are available to almost anyone and can be masterpieces that can be transmitted by inheritance to children.
In addition to the usual, often for the walls and ceilings apply aluminum paintings (Art Al), known for their long life.
They come in various colors and styles decisions: imitation fur, leather, wood, stone, cloth, with floral, water, and "heavenly" motifs, made of bronze and brass, aged and seasoned just in delicate pastel shades. Art Al offered in the form of a panel - it's Impressionist paintings, Korean medieval miniatures, Oriental motifs.
Not only the pictures can be used for interior decoration, for many years will not lose its artistic value and decorative vases. For example, the company produces OTTAVIANI silverware. A unique manufacturing technology allows the best properties of the material appear in the most favorable light. The glossy silver coating (lucido) and Matt (satinato), as well as a smooth transition from one to another makes these vases dream of every esthete. An interesting feature of is the fact that they fit with any decor, whether classic or modern.
"The foundation of the interior - it's architecture. Ceilings, walls, windows, flooring, - notes unsurpassed connoisseur of elegant style, decorator Frederic Meshish - it is necessary that in twenty or thirty years they were still usable." Modern technology and materials now demonstrate that this term already - do not limit them. Outside the window, change the landscape, but, for example, the frame will last for many generations.
In turn, the furniture and interior elements - mirrors, paintings, vases - can give a room a unique look and keep the family atmosphere within a few decades!
Material provided by press service of the Group PROPLEKS

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