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Interior design trends 2012, materials

Interior design trends 2012, materials

Warm and comfortable materials and luxurious finishes are among modern interior design trends for 2012. Marble and wood, leather and glass, wool and high quality plastic designs create light, relaxing and gender neutral home interiors (Interior design ideas, textures, colors for men and women) that feel luxurious, inviting and comfortable.

bedroom-decorating-ideas-lighting-fixture-pink-cushionsInterior design trends, modern decorating ideas in eco style, gray-white-pink color design
Interior design trends 2012 will celebrate your personality and take care of details, creating pleasant, comfortable and personal interior decorating.

silk-cushions-sofa-upholstery-fabric-large-mirrorsLarge mirrors, simple lines, silky fabrics, crystals and wool floor carpet, modern interior design trends 2012
Intricate details, wood carving, unique lighting fixtures, custom made designs and rich colors are perfect for elegant and truly personal interior decorating ideas.
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Interior design trends 2011, decorating color palette
Beautiful combination of traditional, contemporary and exotic materials, various ethnic styles and colors, inspired by African, Asian and Middle Eastern decorating ideas, will offer warm, cheerful and stylish interior design. (Warm colors and decorating ideas for rainy fall and winter) Dark and warm colors, yellow and brown tones, deep color shades of precious and semi-precious stones are modern color design trends for 2012.

decorating-ideas-wood-wooden-paneling-wall-decorationWood and glass, natural stone and flowers, linen upholstery and silk cushions, modern living room decorating ideas, wood wall paneling

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