Friday, August 19, 2011

Lighting Make House More Life

LAMP not only functioned as a means of lighting in the home, but has evolved into an addition to aesthetic value. Currently available models of various shapes and decorative lights which you can select as needed.
Installation of proper lighting model can give a great impact on the overall atmosphere of the house. Lighting inside the dwelling divided into several types, including ambient lighting (lighting to illuminate the entire house), task lighting (for certain activities such as reading or cooking), accent lighting (special features such as sculptures and paintings), and decorative lighting (useful as home decor).
Decorative lighting or decorative lighting is a type of lighting a personal nature and expression of personal style of its inhabitants. Currently the installation of decorative lighting is loved because it was a truly amazing effect.
Decorative lights can affect the feel of a room, for example, can transmit the impression of a warm and inviting, comfortable, or even cold, and gloomy.
"Whether you decide to use the can, light bulb, chandelier or pendant? Home decorative lighting is the most important accessory you buy. If properly selected can have an influence on the look and feel of a room as well as the best furniture, "says Joe Rey-Barreau, an architect and interior design professor at the University of Kentucky, as quoted by the Premier Photographer pages.
Joe is also an educational consultant for the American Lighting Association has traveled to several states to determine trends in home lighting. The most preferred model is light casual elegance, a blend of warm lighting, relaxing, and comfortable with simple lighting that adds value to the overall design.
There are also simplified the traditional lamp, which is far from excessive and very simple form. This type of ornamental lights might be made of brass, but sprinkled and rich with antique platinum. Contemporary soft lighting model is also favored.
The shape is clean, modern and simple style. As for architectural design, home accessories are no longer makes the atmosphere to be "cool".
"Lights that complement the architectural design of the house was actually being 'hot' right now," says Jeffrey Dross, trends analyst with Kichler Lighting in Cleveland, Ohio.
For example, there have been increasing about the availability of places to put the chandelier for a house being built nowadays most have ceilings higher.
"High-eight-foot roof generally become the standard. Now the range of nine or ten feet and you need to find ways to fill the space, "he explained.
Dross also noted a change in the material of choice for home furnishings. Those men are now moving away from plastic and resin materials that look so popular in building new houses.
"And, we look back at the popularity of the look of the old material, like brass and copper, crystal chandeliers, or things like that," he said.
Major changes were also seen in the way people design the lighting in the dining room and kitchen. Over the last five years, decorative trend in kitchens has moved from the previous cabinet of mahogany and cherry trees, the oak tree of the material. Uniquely, the display lighting will look with shades of red.
"People can use a lamp that is placed as a major source of hidden, under cabinet lights to brighten the area where it is often used as a center of family activity, such as preparing meals," added Dross.
"Light as a mini pendant is also often added as an accent dekoratif.Orang often adjust or add a chandelier hanging chandelier in the dining room, especially if the adjacent rooms," he explained again.
Industrial lighting products and lighting also directs a lot of attention this year with lights that can be used outdoors.

"Nowadays, people spend more time than the previous era to design a patio, deck, and patio rooms because they have become rumah.Karena widening area, it should be designed with a 'shiny'," says Kathy Held, a deputy director buyerdan South Dade Lighting in Miami, Florida.
Recognizing the emergence of new markets, sellers lamp manufacturers adapt their most popular designs for outdoor lighting model. Usually by using materials that blend with other design elements.
Chandeliers, wall lamp, table lamp from aluminum and is more durable and will not corrode or rust, is now available in various shapes, sizes, colors as well. Became more decorative landscape lighting.
"Lights for safety that leads to your house should be plain and unattractive. With all the choices today's decorative lights, you can use it to introduce neighbors and guests to your taste before they walk through the door, "said Held.
"Many companies have a decorative chandelier lighting, pendant, table lamp and a new model that uses fluorescent light bulb or fluorescent than that," says Monty Gilbertson, lighting consultant and manager of Lighting Design by Wettsteins in La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

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