Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luxury Apartement Designs by Daria Grigoriva

This is a luxury apartment design with many rustic furniture and materials designed by Daria Grigoriva and located in Moscow, Russia. The detail material used in the furniture and other part of the room are made of solid oak. In the livingroom, this apartment design decorated with floral pattern on the wall and ceilling. The lighting on the ceilling also designed to match the floral texture. The point of view of this apartment design are the doorways, which shaped as arches. An office area is really small spaces, but still the features filled with large wooden bookshelves near the table office so the owner can easily take any books without have to go to another room. The bedroom looks very beautiful with the white curtains and the makeup table which designed just like for a queen. The luxury style also can be found in the bathroom, a large bathtub in white and decorated with white ceramic tiles are stunning design they have.

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