Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rooftop garden in the world

Plants and flowers like the blood flow to the earth, providing oxygen for humans and animals. Not Yet everyone is fortunate to have enough space to create a green park, especially in urban residents. But that did not deter the designers of buildings and urban planners to create green space. No vacant land, building roof was finished. Next we present some rooftop garden in the world.

1. Singapore School of Art and Design

Designers of art and design school buildings in Singapore has created a public green spaces in locations that are not unexpected.

There is also a swimming-pool, palm trees, small islands, etc. that are very attractive in terms of aesthetics and beauty in addition of course the freshness of green space.

2. California Academy of the Sciences

Rana Creek, who built the garden nursery on the roof of the Academy, with an innovative make the plants and the soil does not collapse on its slopes. By using the sap of trees and the husks of coconuts, they create pores absorb, green lanes that are not landslides. Each three-inch thick with an area 17 inches square and arranged like a tiled floor. Within weeks the roots of plants make it coalesce into a solid planting land.

3. Roof Garden on Fifth Ave

 This park in a building on Fifth Ave, New York City. It is said that the Spiderman movie scene with his girlfriend taken at this location.

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