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Small Bedroom Designs Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

When you think of small bedrooms, the first thing that crops up in your mind is the image of a cramped dorm room, overstuffed with furniture, with too many books squeezed in, with hardly any space to take two-three steps. Delete this image from your mind because when you would be done with small bedroom design tips mentioned here, your room would have a complete makeover which would be a pleasant contrast to your small room stereotype.

Small Bedroom Theme
Many Asian cultures across the world have had to make do with less spaces for ages, but they developed such tasteful decorating ideas for livening up the room that their architecture designs and home decorating styles are being imitated across the globe. Mix up solid earthy colors like deep green or burgundy for the walls, and hang curtains which match the walls to bring about a feel of the Asian style. Apart from the wall colors and curtains, the accessories hold the key to a Asian themed small bedroom design. Bamboo furniture, blinds, silk beddings and drapes, lamps and lanterns are few areas which you can work on to obtain an oriental home.

Small Bedroom Furniture
The focal point of any bedroom is obviously the bed. While furnishing a small bedroom, keep in mind that the bed is also the biggest space occupying object in the room, hence a smaller but comfortable bed would be the right furniture in a small bedroom to create the illusion of space. Buying a low level bed is another way of making the bed seem smaller than it is. The modern, sleek beds are more compact than the traditional beds and hence, are good options for decorating a small bedroom. Small bedroom designs for kids would involve bunk beds and chests cum tables for storage. Moving on from beds to other bedroom furniture in small bedroom designs, shop for closets and dressers which are long and takes up minimum of the floor space. Align the furniture to the wall to make room for walking around. For storage, use the under bed area, but that doesn't necessarily mean shoving everything under the bed. Keep everything as neatly as possible because neat and clean bedrooms appear more roomy than a cluttered one.

Small Bedroom Colors
A large, open spacious bedroom must be something you must have dreamt about all your life. Since you are to make do with a smaller space, conjuring an illusion of roominess is the only way to achieve your dream. Wall colors play a crucial role in making the room seem bigger and conserving the space. The light or pastel colors are the most popular interior paint colors and combinations, as darker hues just make the room look darker and smaller. Soft pink is the color for you if you are searching for small bedroom designs for girls. Choose only one color for the entire room as more colors on the walls give the impression of a smaller room. Since you have got to choose only one color, it's better to choose carefully. Cucumber greenish tone is one of the most relaxing color for adorning the walls. Also, you can weigh the option of choosing the dusty navy hue which would bring a tropical and sea breeze feel to the walls. Texturing the wall paints should be avoided as it would tone up the walls and thus, limit the space.

Small Bedroom Lighting
For bedroom decorating, lighting also plays a crucial role for creating the right kind of effect one wants. Light colored walls look drab and boring in low lights. Instead choose bright lighting fixtures for small bedroom lighting. The lighting fixtures should be installed closer to the bed for making the room look spacious.

Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The most important small bedroom furniture item is the bed. You simply cannot get a large king size bed with a huge headboard and make it the focal point of the bedroom. This will take up the entire space of the bedroom and you will have lots of difficulty in placing other essential pieces of furniture. It will also make the bedroom appear cluttered and will ruin the relaxing atmosphere. So you have to choose the bed with care. Choose a bed whose dimensions matches that of the small bedroom and whereby after placing it you can still move around the room comfortably and still have space to place your wardrobe. You can use a platform bed that has a low height, as this makes the bedroom appear larger than it is. You can also choose a box bed that has ample space for storing bed linens and other knick knacks.

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