Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips to Design: How to use color in interior design?

How wonderful emotional experiences give us a harmonious color combinations! And how difficult it can sometimes achieve this harmony in an eclectic multi-color interior. For optimal color perception and color combinations are not recommended to enter into the interior of more than three colors.
What colors are organic in the interior? To answer this question we must observe nature. It is full of complex nuances, nuances, tones. The predominant color is, of course, green. This range - the most diverse and rich. The human eye is most adapted to the perception of shades of green.
Green - this indifference and calmness, and enhanced illumination of indifference, passivity, and when utemnenii - peace. if you add a green shade yellow, it becomes more energetic, joyful, up to date. When you add a blue movement also appears, but more severe and dense sea wave motion.
For large areas of the country, except the green, the most characteristic white color of winter and the endless snowy plains. Therefore, in our interiors, there will always be all shades of white and beige palette. Bright and warm colors will always be the most attractive to people. But at the same time, the yellow color as the interior is very heavy.
According to the psychology of color, yellow, offensive, trying to "jump" over its borders. Therefore, the yellow range should be used very sparingly, it is better to transfer to a warm yellow sand, blue or balance. Dark Blue, however, is also pretty hard to look at large volumes.
Not recommended for use in interior design depressing gray. In no gray green tranquility or potential white. It is a complete stillness. And if there is lightening in a gray if no hint of movement, at least, the air, so - hope. And when utemnenii - increases suffocating hopelessness.
Red is the physical and mental stimulant, to such an extent that when putting the red points of an athlete there is a drug effect. However, prolonged exposure to red causes mental disorders.
These realities must be considered when choosing a dominant color in a multicolored interior. Congenital emotional susceptibility, characteristic of each person can feel the harmony of color that arises when contemplating tsvetosochetany balanced. The number of such combinations is practically unlimited. But they should look for.
For example, the combination of red and gold - it is always pomp and luxury, yellow and green - the fun and joy, red and blue - the excitement, blue and pink - timidity and shyness, gray and green - passivity, red and black - the danger, excitement , alarm, yellow and black - maximum attention span, yellow and white - enlightenment, etc.
However, crucial for creating harmonious color combinations of your interior is always your personal sensitivity, intuition, imagination and taste.

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