Sunday, September 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Location Home
The best Brentwood luxury homes are on multiple acres of land – perfect not just for a spacious home, but also providing enough room for everything from Olympic size pools to tennis courts, or even horse stable. It’s also not uncommon to see Brentwood luxury homes that maintain their own guest homes. If you need to relax after a hard day at work, then Brentwood luxury homes are perfect, whether you prefer to be in front of the pool, or in front of the fireplace.

Like many exclusive areas of Los Angeles, Brentwood has been a draw for the rich and famous. Centrally located between the oceans and the mountains, it is a veritable Mecca to the many residents here – the close proximity of Brentwood to virtually everything in Los Angeles makes it easy to go anywhere, and also makes Brentwood luxury homes a great place to get away from everything.

The Brentwood pedigree is impressive – from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Marilyn Monroe, Brentwood luxury homes have provided a haven for prominent figures, as well as maintained an intimate, community feel for the many other lucky Brentwood residents who may not be as well known. This affluent neighborhood encourages interaction, and you’ll find many residents socializing around the businesses and restaurants on San Vicente Boulevard.

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